Flea and Tick Control

The most important fact about fleas to remember is that 95% of fleas will not be living on your pets – most will be in the house and yard, treating your pets alone is often just not enough. The secret to controlling or preventing a flea problem is to not only to eliminate all adult fleas but also to treat for the flea eggs and larvae that live in the environment. Frontline Plus, Advantage, Advantix, and Revolution all help to control the flea burden in the environment, but in severe flea infestations often more help is needed. Inside the house, flea bombs(eg Fido’s flea bomb) are the answer, if fleas are a big problem outside using a good yard spray such as Quick Kill Home and Kennel Spray will have a big impact. Remember that by maintaining effective flea control throughout the winter you can eliminate the environmental burden of flea eggs and larvae. In this way next summer when it starts to warm up there won’t be any flea eggs to hatch.

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