First Aid

Cotton Wool Roll

Cotton Wool Roll

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Ilium Ear Drops 20ml *New Packaging Transition*
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Conforming Bandage 5cm x 1.8m Single elastic gauze
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When you own pets it is important to have first aid supplies on hand in case you need them.   One of the most common injuries of pets particulary dogs and horses are cuts and abrasions.  To be able to give first aid to assist them you are going to need to have bandages, gauze swabs, antiseptic, scissors and tweezers on hand.   If your wound is more serious than we have items to assist you to dress those as well.   We have a very large range of first aid items.   If you are not sure what first aid items you need then we have made kits for you
The dog First Aid kit   has everything that you will need in case of an emergency.     Horse First aid bundles  are a comprehensive kit put together by our team of vet nurses.  You will never regret having a first aid pack, there is nothing more stressful in an emergency situation not having the tools that you need to take care of your furry loved one.