Huds & Toke Molasses Horse Bix 1kg
15% OFF RRP $29.95
Lyddy's Liquorice Horse Treats
6% OFF RRP $11.95
Himalayan Rock Salt Brick
30% OFF RRP $13.59
Hud's & Toke Turmeric & Coconut Treats 100g
15% OFF RRP $7.95
Hud's & Toke Turmeric & Coconut Treats 500g
16% OFF RRP $24.95
Jolly Horse Tug Inflatable Ball
1% OFF RRP $149.95
Joseph Lyddy Licorice Treats 250g
33% OFF RRP $13.60
Likit Boredom Breaker
11% OFF RRP $149.95
Likit Boredom Buster
8% OFF RRP $89.95

Horse treats make rewarding and training easy.   Horse treats add variety to your horses diet and can also be a sneaky way of getting in added goodness.  
We also have hanging horse treats which are great at reducing boredom when confined.  
Take a look at our huge range of horse treats and find the perfect something special for you equine friend.   Top brands including Likit, Huds and Toke, Banana horse treats and Joseph Lyddy.