Canary And Finch Supplies and Supplements

Nutriblend Pellets Small 2kg

Nutriblend Pellets Small 2kg

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Oxymav B 100gm

Oxymav B 100gm

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Zeez Ss Coop Cup W/Holder 150Ml
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Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Tablets 100 pack
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Penn Plax Cuttlebone Mango/Banana 6 pack
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Avitrol Plus 100ml bird wormer

Avitrol Plus 100ml bird wormer

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Bird Activity Centre Medium

Bird Activity Centre Medium

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Canaries are one of the most popular pet birds due to their beautiful song.  Canaries and finches are wonderful companions. Unlike many parrot breeds that will learn tricks and bond to you canaries and finches would rather stay in their own environment   They are very active and love to fly so providing them with a cage or aviary large enough for them to spread their wings.  They are very social and will live with others of their kind.  They are only small birds so protecting them from the elements is essential 
They love to keep themselves clean so a bird bath is essential. We have diets suitable for canaries and finches, worming supplies and all healthcare items that you will need.