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Frontline Plus Cat 3pk

Frontline Plus Cat 3pk

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Frontline Plus Cat 6pk

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Revolution Blue 3pk - Cats

Revolution Blue 3pk - Cats

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Shop our vet selected range of tick, flea and heartworm prevention for cats. Say goodbye to cat flees and ticks on cats! We've got the most effective range of brands, such as Activyl heartworm prevention and advocate flea and worm treatment for cats. Our expert veterinary team only selects tried and tested pest control that works!

Choose the Right Flea Control Products

There are many products on the market for flea control in cats. Many of these are combination products that will also take care of ticks, heartworm prevention, stomach worms, and even ear mites. It is important to understand the environmental risks of where you live and what your cat needs to be covered for. We understand that this can be very confusing, so please reach out to us for assistance in choosing the best product for you and your cat.

Environmental Cleanup is Crucial

Fleas hide in cracks, cushions, carpets, and dark, cool places.

Vacuum your home daily for a week and then every other day to remove fleas, eggs, pupa, and larvae.

Address your pet's bedding and use diatomaceous earth in cracks and crevices to dry out pupa and larvae.

Natural Flea Control Methods

Consider natural options like diatomaceous earth or planting specific plants in your garden.

Azalea bushes are mentioned as potentially repelling fleas.

Start Early and Be Persistent

Begin flea control before the warm season to prevent infestations.

Fleas can carry diseases like tapeworms, which can affect both cats and humans.

Stay consistent with your flea control efforts to effectively eliminate fleas from your environment.