Lorikeet Supplies and Supplements

Oxymav B 100gm

Oxymav B 100gm

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Penn Plax Cuttlebone Natural 6 pack
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Zeez Ss Coop Cup W/Holder 150Ml
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Bird Kabob Parrot Chips Approx 20 Pieces Per Bag
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Birdie Medium Multi Bead Leather Bird Toy
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Zeez Ss Coop Cup W/Holder 300Ml
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Avicare Ready to Use 500ml

Avicare Ready to Use 500ml

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Lorikeets are considered a small to medium parrot and range in size from 150mm (6″) to 400mm (16″). The colour of the bird depends upon the species and the variation with in that species, however bright colours are common and popular.  They are simply stunning. 

To ensure a long lifespan and good health, good hygiene is essential. The fact that lorikeets are nectar eaters means that lorikeets can be very messy and therefore require a bit more maintenance cleaning their environment than other pet birds.  Don't forget to grab them a bird bath so they can groom themselves. 
We have a range of well balanced diets for Lorikeets which is essential for good health.    Supply your lorikeet with toys to keep them stimulated.