KONG Puppy Snacks 200g
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Nylabone Puppy Chew Keys Bacon Small
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Nylabone Puppy Freezer Bone w/Chiller Cloth Peanut Butter
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Nylabone Variety Puppy Twin Pack Petite
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Puppy Pack Blue - Small Deluxe

Puppy Pack Blue - Small Deluxe

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Pups Comfort Heart Beat Sheep
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*CLEARANCE* Zippy Burrow - Box of Chocolates
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KONG Puppy Medium

KONG Puppy Medium

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KONG Puppy Small
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KONG Puppy Snacks 300g

KONG Puppy Snacks 300g

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KONG Puppy Teething Stick Large
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KONG Wubba Puppy
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Puppies require toys so they can develop their fine motor skills and learn behaviours.   Play is the best way to teach a puppy.  They love to be rewarded and have fun and toys can play a very important part in this so you can reward with play instead of always with food. Toys also teach puppies how to self play, it is important for them to learn to be able to amuze themselves especially important for when they are left home alone. When puppies are teething they will look for toys to chew on to soothe their gums.  Toys can prevent destructive behaviours as they will find something else to play with and chew on if you do not supply them with appropriate toys.  Puppies toys can even provide them comfort when they are nervous or anxious.   Depending on your puppies breed and temperament will determine which toys will be their favourite. Whilst they are young supply them with a range of toys so you can see what they really take a liking to.  Plush toys, rubber toys, rubber toys and squeaky toys should all be part of puppies first toybox.  We have a huge range of toys suitable for all puppies.