Shop our veterinary selected range of farrier equipment for sale online. We stock everything from farrier rasps, to clinchers, hoof nippers and hammers. Shop with peace of mind and explore our horse shoeing equipment for sale with 30 day returns! Chat to us online if you need advice!

Professional 15" Hoof Nippers
20% OFF RRP $36.00
Economy 14" Tanged Rasp
11% OFF RRP $34.95
Professional Easy Grip Rasp

Professional Easy Grip Rasp

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17% OFF RRP $39.95
Professional Saddle Horse Nail Clincher
11% OFF RRP $29.95
Rasp Handle Wooden Bash on
12% OFF RRP $8.00
Farrier Shoeing Kit - 6 Pieces
13% OFF RRP $109.95
Frost Double Edge Hoof Knife

Frost Double Edge Hoof Knife

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18% OFF RRP $64.90
Frost Narrow Right Hand Knife
15% OFF RRP $46.00
Frost Wide Hoof Knife Right Handed
12% OFF RRP $41.95
Heller Legend 14"Tanged Rasp
8% OFF RRP $64.95
Radiol Pedicine Hoof Ointment 450g
6% OFF RRP $54.95