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Oxymav B 100gm

Oxymav B 100gm

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Avicare Ready to Use 500ml

Avicare Ready to Use 500ml

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Avitrol Plus 100ml bird wormer

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African Grey parrots are medium sized parrots approx 33cm in size.   The African grey is very talkative.  They learn quickly and will be able to pick up alot of words.  They will try to mimic their human companions.   They may even start to mimic the dog or cat!   These parrots have a long lifespan so if you are thinking of getting one it could be a life long companion and they do love attention so make sure you have time to give them plenty.  
African Greys do need a good diet - choose from our huge range which includes Vetafarm, Passwell and Tropican.   Your bird will thrive on a good diet.   As they are very playful be sure to have plenty of toys and an enriched enviromnent of perches and swings to explore.   You will love having an African Grey in your life.