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Living World Pedicure Perch Medium 21cm
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Living World Pedicure Perch Small 16cm
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Cement Bird Swing with Wire Frame 7inches
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JW Insight BIRDBATH 5.5x13cm

JW Insight BIRDBATH 5.5x13cm

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JW Insight SAND PERCH Regular 24cm
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Living World Bird Claw clippers
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Living World Pedicure Perch Large 34cm
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Penn Plax 5 Step Cement Ladder
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Penn Plax 9  Step Cement Ladder
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Taking Care of Birds: Grooming Tips

  1. Feather Cleaning:

    • Birds groom themselves by using their beaks to keep their feathers clean.
    • This helps them get rid of dust, dirt, and tiny bugs that might bother them.
  2. Oil for Feathers:

    • Birds have a special gland near their tails that makes oil.
    • They spread this oil on their feathers to keep them waterproof and looking good.
  3. Nail Check:

    • Birds usually wear down their nails by landing on different things.
    • But sometimes, they might need a little help to trim their nails so they don't get too long.
  4. Keeping the Beak in Shape:

    • Birds use their beaks a lot, not just for grooming but also for eating.
    • Chewing on toys is a good way for them to keep their beaks healthy.
  5. Bathing Fun:

    • Some birds like taking baths to stay cool and clean.
    • You can give your pet bird a shallow dish of water to splash around in.
  6. Changing Feathers:

    • Birds go through a process called molting, where they lose old feathers and grow new ones.
    • During this time, they may groom more to get rid of the old feathers.
  7. Being Social:

    • In the wild, birds groom each other as a social activity.
    • Your pet bird might like it when you spend time together, and they may even enjoy a gentle scratch.
  8. Watch and Care:

    • Keep an eye on your bird's grooming habits to make sure they're healthy and happy.
    • If you notice any changes or if your bird seems uncomfortable, ask a vet for advice.

Understanding how birds take care of themselves helps us take better care of our feathered friends. Just like us, they need a little grooming and attention to stay in good shape!