Deter your horse from chewing, biting and wind sucking. Windsucking is a potentially fatal condition that can lead to digestive problems, stomach ulcers and severe loss of health. Our windsucking collars work by applying gentle pressure to your horses throat when it tries to crib. Help your windsucking horse with our weather resistant, adjustable and strong leather collars. They are anatomically fitted to ensure they only apply pressure when your horse is cribbing - so you can leave them on with peace of mind! Our bitter, non-toxic deterrents are also proven to stop chewing!

Wind Sucking Collar *

Wind Sucking Collar *

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17% OFF RRP $29.95
Cribbing Collar for Average Size Horses
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Hydrophane Cribox 450gm
14% OFF RRP $54.95
Joseph Lyddy Crib Stop Spray 500ml
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Miracle Collar Average Horse

Miracle Collar Average Horse

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Miracle Collar Synthetic Fleece Cover
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Plastic Box Muzzle
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Red Hot Spray 1L

Red Hot Spray 1L

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