Halti Headcollar Size 2

Halti Headcollar Size 2

2 Reviews


Halti Headcollar Size 3

Halti Headcollar Size 3

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Halti Training Lead Large in Red
23% OFF RRP $26.80
Karen Pryor I-Click (Assorted Colours)
37% OFF RRP $9.99
Yours Droolly Muzzle XLarge

Yours Droolly Muzzle XLarge

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Zeez Puppy Training Pads 60X60Cm - 100Pk
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Adaptil Collar for Large dogs

Adaptil Collar for Large dogs

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Dog training supplies include a wide range of tools and equipment designed to support effective and enjoyable training experiences for both dogs and their owners. These products are used to teach orders, encourage positive behaviours, and deal with behavioural difficulties. Here's an overview of some typical dog training supplies:

  • Dog Collar:

    • Flat Collar: A basic collar worn around the dog's neck, often with a buckle or quick-release clasp. It's a place to attach identification tags and can be used for leash walking. SHOP ALL COLLARS NOW
    • Martingale Collar: Designed to provide gentle control without choking, it tightens slightly when the dog pulls. SHOP MARTINGALE COLLAR NOW
  • Leash:

    • Standard Leash: A basic leash for walking and basic training. Available in various materials such as nylon, leather, or fabric. SHOP ALL LEADS NOW
    • Retractable Leash: Allows the dog some freedom to explore while still maintaining control over the length of the leash. SHOP RETRACTABLE LEADS NOW
  • Harness:

    • Front-Clip or Back-Clip Harness: Distributes pressure more evenly and can be helpful for dogs prone to pulling. Front-clip harnesses discourage pulling by redirecting the dog's attention. SHOP ALL HARNESSES NOW
  1. Training Treats:

    • Small, Soft Treats: Used as positive reinforcement during training sessions. It's important to choose treats that are enticing and easily consumable. SHOP ALL TREATS NOW
  2. Clicker:

    • Training Clicker: A small handheld device that makes a distinct clicking sound. It's used to mark desired behaviors, signaling to the dog that a reward is coming. SHOP ALL CLICKERS NOW
  3. Training Pouch or Treat Bag:

    • Treat Pouch: A small bag worn around the waist or clipped to a belt, designed to hold treats for quick and easy access during training sessions. SHOP NOW
  4. Training Toys:

    • Interactive Toys: Toys that can be used during training to keep the dog engaged and motivated. Examples include puzzle toys or toys that dispense treats. SHOP TRAINING  TOYS NOW
  5. Training Whistle:

    • Dog Whistle: An audible tool that emits a sound at a frequency dogs can hear. It can be used for recall training and commands. SHOP NOW
  6. Training Collar:

    • Prong Collar or Pinch Collar: Used under the guidance of a professional trainer for specific training purposes, such as discouraging pulling on the leash. SHOP NOW
  7. Long Line or Training Lead:

    • Long Leash: A longer leash used for training purposes, providing more freedom than a standard leash while maintaining control. SHOP NOW

When using these supplies, it's crucial to employ positive reinforcement techniques and seek guidance from professional trainers if needed. Building a positive and trusting relationship with your dog is at the core of successful training.