Conforming Bandage 5cm x 1.8m Single elastic gauze
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Oxymav B 100gm

Oxymav B 100gm

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JW Insight CLEAN CUP FEED and WATER Small 10cm
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Coccivet 250ml

Coccivet 250ml

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Cotton Bird Perch Banana Flavoured
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Fine Shell Grit 2kg

Fine Shell Grit 2kg

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Mr Knots

Mr Knots


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We have a wide range of bird products to ensure not only the birds health but also improve their happiness and quality of life.
Looking after a pet birds diet is one of the most important things a bird owner needs to consider.  We have a wide range of diets to cater for all birds  from small birds to large parrots. It is important to make sure your bird is getting the correct nutrition.   
Pet birds are also reliant on their owners for giving them a enjoyable environment to live in.   This includes keeping the bird cage or aviary clean and free from insects, mites and other pests.   We have a large range of bird feeders and waterers.   It is also important that your pet bird whether it is a small or large parrot has a stimulating environment.   An easy way to do this is with a range of toys including foraging toys that they have to use their minds and natural behaviours that they would use in the wild.  
Having a pet bird is a wonderful experience and you can have a wonderful bond with them.   The more time you can spend with them the closer they will become with you.