iO Equi Dose Complete Equine Wormer
31% OFF RRP $15.00
Curry & Mane Comb

Curry & Mane Comb

2 Reviews


16% OFF RRP $7.95
4Cyte Equine 700gm

4Cyte Equine 700gm

43 Reviews


Equest Plus with Tapewormer

Equest Plus with Tapewormer

7 Reviews


iO Equigard RED Horse Worming Paste 7g
4% OFF RRP $12.61
Cotton Wool Roll

Cotton Wool Roll

2 Reviews


Showmaster Key Hole Jump Cups
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Author: Alicia   Date Posted: 30 July 2023  

So why do we celebrate all horses birthdays on August 1st?

Every horse in the southern hemisphere celebrates their birthday on August 1st. Horses in the northern hemisphere celebrate their birthdays on January 1st. These dates have been chosen to coincide with the beginning of the breeding and foaling seasons. This was originally brought into effect due to the thoroughbred and standardbred racing businesses. Because the racing industry is based on horse age, all horses' birthdays were shifted to August 1st to avoid misunderstanding. Although it began in the racing industry, many, if not nearly all, horse owners have adopted this date as the day th...

Author: Alicia   Date Posted: 19 July 2023  

We've Created A Guid To Help You Worm Your Horse

Worms are a cause of disease in horses that can cause; colic, diarrhoea, weight loss and in some circumstances it can be fatal. Worming is something we all should be doing as horse owners but knowing how often and why is sometimes not as well known. 

What Is Rotational Worming

Rotational Worming is the process...