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4cyte provides the ultimate joint protection for your horse! This product has revolutionised joint care products by including the ingridient - Epiitalis, which is a plant oil extract known for its joint and cartilage regenerative properties. 4CYTE™ Granules for Horses is a premium daily joint supplement used to protect and repair damaged joints and actively maintain joint health. 

Key Benefits: 

 To support the horse with diagnosed, or clinical signs of, osteoarthritis For support in rehabilitation after illness, injury, surgery or non-specific lameness.

  For age related concerns - the older horse slowing down or the younger horse having growth related difficulties (big joints, early lesions etc).

 Contains Epiitalis, a soya gel and apple flavouring - no hidden ingredients

  Acts right at the heart of the joint to reduce inflammation

  Backed by vets around Australia


How to use:

  • Add it to your horses feed or syringe directly into the mouth once a day. 

  • Can be taken with other supplements or medication 

  • No prohibited ingredients - so can be taken prior and during competitions

  • Not recommended during pregnancy

Daily Dosage 

  • Loading: start on 8g per day for 14 days

  • Maintenance: After 14 days reduce to 4g per day

  • Dosage can be varied on weight of animal and state of joint function 

A 250mL tube will last 59 days on maintenance dose so you can work out how long the 1 litre will last you. Big savings to be made buying the larger size. Great for multi horse households and studs

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Try It !

By: Kitty on 15 June 2022
Ive tried 2 other joint formulas on my horse, and no improvements. My friend told me TRY 4CYTE GEL! SERIOUSLY, you won't regret it. Well, I did it. I bought the 250ml from VETSHED to start and my horses feels absolutely sensational after 4 weeks ! So ive purchased the 1ltr from VETSHED as they have the best price & fastest shipping. I highly recommend this product

4cyte from Vet shed

By: Hannah Henry on 3 November 2021
Vet shed are the best supplier, so quick and reliable. 4cyte is a fantastic product and my 2 Holstiener show jumpers feel so much better on it


By: Janet Exell on 7 September 2021
Great product. Great service

Amazing so far!

By: 4cyte epiitalis forte on 3 June 2020
Had my horses hock injected 3 yrs ago but since being on epiitalis forte and a resveratrol supplement I haven't had to inject again. What else needs to be said?

Seems to make moving easier

By: Jim Armstrong on 17 September 2019
I purchased a 250 ml size initially, and am now on my second 1 litre size container of this joint supplement. I've been giving it to one of my thoroughbred ex-race horses, who is now 24 years old. His mobility and ease of movement improved within a few weeks, and he voluntarily trots and canters to keep up with the other younger horses when they go racing around. I've also recently started to treat my 16 year old TB ex-racer, because he appeared to be getting a bit rheumatic. He no longer is 'scratchy' when he starts to move around. One small negative, is that whilst the one syringe supplied with the 250 ml container is okay, only one syringe is also supplied with the 1 litre container. Additional syringes should be supplied with the larger 1 litre package, because these 'special' syringes stop working - i.e. no suction - after some useage, and standard size syringes don't fit the containers' opening.

Tried out on 23 yr old ex-racehorse

By: Jim Armstrong on 1 February 2019
One of my paddock horses is Jivago, a 23 year old t'bred ex-racehorse. He was apparently a good earner for previous owners, as he even raced as a 12 yr old. Won 18 races, plus 7 2nds and 7 3rds. I've had him 6 or 7 years, and during that time he went down with, but recovered over time, from Laminitis. Over the last year or so, his walking movements had slowed down, and the occasional ragged trot was the best he could do. So all that racing, combined with his current age, left him a bit arthritic at times. My farrier suggested trying 4CYTE recently, and I've been using it for about 6 weeks now. A relatively expensive product, but it does appear to do the job. Jivago now goes cantering around the paddocks with the other three younger horses, even kicking up his heels at times. He'd often been reluctant to lift his legs each morning when I checked and cleaned the horses' hooves, and whilst he still isn't completely at ease with lifting the back ones, he now does so without a lot of hesitation. So, the product seems to working, and I believe it is supposed to improve things more over time.


By: Colin belton on 12 April 2018
Very good product but very expensive. Would help if could purchase at a lower cost

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