AFP Lik Mat Tasty Bone For Dogs - Large
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Slow feeding dog bowls are an easy way to slow your dogs eating.  Gulping down food is not healthy as it can lead to health complications including choking, vomitting, indigestion and even bloat.  Bloat or Gastric Dilation and gastric torsion are very serious and life threatening condtions.  Large breed and deep chested dogs are more prone to Bloat.   Gulping down food is also pretty revolting and if they slow down they can taste the food!  We have a huge range of slow feeders, some of them have dividers for your dog to eat around. Some slow feeders they will have to forage for the food and others such as the liki mats they will have to eat it out of the bowl that it is stuck in.  Make sure you choose a slow feeder sized bowl that will match your dogs size.