Price Match Policy

Author: The Vet Shed  

Price Match Policy | The Vet Shed Online Pet Supplies Store Price match policy for our customers at The Vet Shed. We guarantee to match the price of pet products from other stores in Australia. Check our online pet store now!

Price Match Policy

Here at The Vet Shed we do our best to keep our prices low.  If you find the same product for less at another pet store online or in shop let us know and we will do our best to match it or beat it!

All you have to do is email with evidence of the competitor's price (for example, the link to competitor's website) Or call us on 1300 735 995 and our customer service team will be able to assist you.

Terms and Conditions

1)  We will only price match stores or online businesses that we are able to contact via phone. 

This is a simple rule when shopping online you should always deal with a company you can contact.  If you can’t contact them it generally means they don’t have a customer service team ready to help you if anything goes wrong with your order.   We have a trained, experienced team and our customer service is awesome.

2)  We will match the price of our competitors based on product price and delivery

(total shopping cart costs which includes delivery charges)

If you are collecting from The Vet Shed then we do not take shipping costs into account.

3)  We will price match total order

If you are ordering a range of products we will not match one product from one shop and another from another shop etc.   You need to tell us who you want us to price match and will price match total order from that company.  For example if you order Frontline and find a competitor selling it for $2 cheaper but you also want drontal but they are $4 more expensive on that – we will match total order so we will charge you exactly what it would cost to shop from that store.   We will not just price match one item on a multi item order.  Sometimes you are better not doing the price match as you would be better off paying at our prices as in the example below.   Why do we do this?  - Because we are low across all of our products, some companies will sell a few products cheap but then have others marked up high.

Eg  Other Shop                                                  The Vet Shed

       Frontline Cat $36                                         Frontline Cat $38

       Drontal          $16                                         Drontal          $12

       Shipping      $7.00                                        Shipping       $6.50

       Total             $59                                           Total:             $56.50


4)  Our price matching policy does not extend to the following:

 Gifts with purchases

 Membership discounts

5)  The competitor's product must match The Vet Sheds product exactly. The competitor's product must be:

The same size, quantity, colour, brand


Made by the same manufacturer

Shipped from the same country of origin

New (not close to, or past its used by date)

6)  The policy applies to competitor's final price including GST, taxes, fees, delivery and other fees or charges.

7) The competitor's product must be in stock at the time of the price compare.

8)  Price match orders are created manually via the Vet Shed team - they are able to be paid by Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, bank transfer.  Price match orders are not eligible to be paid for using afterpay or zip pay. 

9)   Approved price matches do not automatically apply to future transactions with The Vet Shed

10) The Vet Shed expressly reserve the right to refrain from price matching where this would result in a sale below cost price. All price matches are at our sole discretion.

11) The price must be a publically advertised price.

The Vet Shed reserves the right to limit the quantity of products available for price-matching at its discretion.