Bird Toys & Perches

Featherland Paradise Generation Ii Foraging Wheel 15.2Cm
On Sale 58% OFF RRP $79.99
Bird Kabob Parrot Chips Approx 20 Pieces Per Bag
37% OFF RRP $29.99
Birdie Medium Multi Bead Leather Bird Toy
34% OFF RRP $15.47
Birdie Shiny Stars Foot Toy 13cm
30% OFF RRP $7.02
Featherland Paradise Parrot Ladder 91Cm
37% OFF RRP $46.99
Jw Insight Sand Perch Small 21Cm
37% OFF RRP $12.99
Penn Plax Natural Weave Bird Climbing Mat
27% OFF RRP $25.15
Polly'S Tooty Fruity Perch Large 30X5.7Cm
37% OFF RRP $41.99
Abacus  Large Bird Toy
27% OFF RRP $54.99
Birdie Binkies Ball Foot Toy Large 11cm
30% OFF RRP $14.43
Birdie Crimson Moon Swing with Bell bird toy
27% OFF RRP $13.95
Birdie Foraging Super Shredder Ball Medium 13x18cm
30% OFF RRP $17.31
Birdie Foraging Super Shredder Ball Small
30% OFF RRP $14.43
Birdie Large Hanger with Beads Dice Plastic Chain
31% OFF RRP $26.45
Birdie Rainbow Flying Wheel Toy 17x10cm
30% OFF RRP $8.35
Caterpillar Large

Caterpillar Large


27% OFF RRP $27.49
Featherland Paradise Crunch & Ding Bird Toy 22Cm
On Sale 58% OFF RRP $19.99
Featherland Paradise Foraging Party Ball Bird Toy 12Cm
37% OFF RRP $29.99
Featherland Paradise Foraging Vertical Holder Lge 16.5X8.5Cm
On Sale 58% OFF RRP $16.99

We're the number one destination to buy bird toys online in Australia. Pet parrots and birds need to bite and forage to trim their beaks and relieve stress. Our interactive pet bird toys online and parrot foraging toys will keep your feathery friend in shape. Explore our quirky and creative toys for birds. Shop online and we'll deliver your new bird chew toys straight to your doorstep!

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