We're the number one destination to buy bird toys online in Australia. Pet parrots and birds need to bite and forage to trim their beaks and relieve stress. Our interactive pet bird toys online and parrot foraging toys will keep your feathery friend in shape. Explore our quirky and creative toys for birds. Shop online and we'll deliver your new bird chew toys straight to your doorstep!

Stainless Steel Baffle Cage Large
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Bird Kabob Original

Bird Kabob Original

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Creative Foraging Buffet Party Ball  10.2cm
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Creative Foraging Paddle Wheel Treat Holder
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Insight Bird Toy Disco Ball
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Polly's Cuttlebone/Calcium Perch Large
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Super Bird Activity Wall Large

Super Bird Activity Wall Large

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Super Bird Hanging Treat Basket (Small Birds)
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Bird Kabob Chiquito

Bird Kabob Chiquito

2 Reviews


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