Wahl Clipper Oil 59Ml
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Wahl Competition Blade Set (# 7F Size 4Mm)
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Wahl Pet Blade Standard Set (For Wa-9265)
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Showmaster Trimming Scissors
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Wahl Bravura Lithium Clipper W/Adjustable 5-In1 Blade Royal Blue
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Showmaster Thinning Scissors
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Patpet 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Trimmer
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Showmaster Fetlock Scissors
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Showmaster Offset Trimming Scissors
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Wahl Blade for Brav Mini Trimmer

Wahl Blade for Brav Mini Trimmer

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We have everything you require to clipping horses.  Whether it be a full body clip ,  touch up trimmers, or clippers to do around the ears and sensitive areas we have all grooming clippers for horses.

Body clipping horses is does to serve many  purposes not just for simple aesthetics.  Horses are commonly clipped for health and comfort reasons.  Clipping a horse even with a partial clip, allows a horse to regulate their body temperature more effectively. 

Clipping a horse  gives a clean, tidy appearance and can aid in show preparation by reducing the time it takes to wash.