Head halters are a fantastic training aid for dogs.  They stop pulling, they demand the dogs attention on you as you have control of the head. 
Head Haters are easy to fit and fast to put on.  It consists of a strap completely around the nose and one that goes around the neck just behind the dogs ears.  Simply slip the nose into the first straps and then do up the strap behind the ears and you are off walking.  When your dog starts to pull on the lead the head halter will cause the dogs nose to turn towards you or to turn down.  This makes it impossible for the dog to run off and keep pulling.  Walking your dog should be enjoyable.  This product is very effective. 
Head halters are very different for dogs than anything they are used to so you need to expect an adjustment period.  Pop it on and get walking straight away, keep their mind off it and they will soon get used to it and understand if they dont pull on the lead then there is no no pressure on them at all.   Head halters are used by some of Australias top dog trainers.