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The Gentle Leader Head Collar is often referred to as 'The 10 minute attitude adjuster'. This is the recommended method of training your dog to walk without pulling or jumping up, in conjunction with positive reinforcement. Light pressure is exerted on the muzzle and the back of the neck, imitating the action of a mother dog on her puppies, and signals to the dog that you are in control. The head collar still allows your dog to open his mouth fully for drinking, eating, panting and barking.

Choosing the correct size of the Gentle Leader Headcollar for your dog is simple. All you need to know is the approximate weight of your dog. The only exception is that certain breeds with specifically large or small heads may use a size other than what is listed for body weight. Please note - all sizes are adjustable to fit a variety of breeds in the specified weight range.

Small - Fits dogs and puppies that will have an adult weight of 5-10Kgs. Includes toy breeds and small dogs with a narrow, small muzzle. Examples: Toy Poodle, Lhasa Apso, Dachshund, Bichon, small Sheltie, Pomeranian, Shih-Tzu, Basenji, Fox Terriers, Jack Russels, Beagles etc.


for Puppies - Puppies of medium and large breeds can start at 8 to 10 weeks with a medium which they can wear until they reach 30 Kgs. Puppies of large breeds that are already over 20 Kgs should start with a large.

For Short Snout Dogs - Available in Medium and Large to fit Bulldog, Boxer etc.


  1. The Neck Loop should be snug (like a belt or a shoe) so one finger can barely fit between the strap and neck and will not rotate. It must fit as high on the neck as possible, directly behind the ears and above thew Adam's apple in front. The snugger the Neck Loop, the looser the Nose Loop can be.
  2. The Nose Loop should be in front of your dog's eyes and behind the corners of his mouth. It should be loose enough to move freely toward the fleshy part of the nose but not so loose that it can be pulled off the muzzle.
  3. Be certain to check the fit everyday, especially on growing pups: Is the Neck Strap close-fitting and snug high behind the ears? Is the Nose Loop comfortable and reaching to the fleshy part of the nose, but not so loose that it can be pulled.
  4. After you dog has reached his full growth, you can remove any excess length of the Neck Strap. With the headcollar off your dog, cut the strap with scissors and use a flame to seal the cut edge and prevent fraying.


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Excellent collar

By: Anne Hamilton on 24 April 2017
Thank god for this brilliant collar for walking, it's tamed my anxious puppy and he now walks beside me without the pulling of my arm constantly. Yes it took a few walks for him to adjust but walks are now a pleasure for both of us.

No More Straining for My Dog or Me

10 May 2014
Hello, Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this most helpful and effective dog halter. It uses the principal that anything around the dog's neck or chest just causes them to want to pulling away in the opposite direction of the lead. The Gentle Leader, on the other hand, uses the

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