Dog Coats

Getting your dog a coat is a fantastic way to keep them warm and protected from the elements during the cooler months.   When choosing what sort of dog coat to purchase do not be caught up too much on the design that you think is cute.   Make sure the coat is practical.  Your dog does not know if he looks cute all he knows is if he is comfy and warm it is important to keep that in mind.  

  • A good dog coat should fit well and have excellent fastenings to keep it on securely and avoid slippage.   

  • Quality materials that stand up to doggy wear and washing.  

Think about the sort of warmth and protection that your dog requires.  If your dog is an inside dog then they will only need a cozy fleece, wool or synthetic fabric.   If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors then they will need a more robust coat to keep out the wind chills and perhaps rain.   Dogs that get wet in winter take a long time to dry and that leads to a very cold nights sleep.   Purchase these dogs a waterproof lined coat.   We have a large range of water and wind proof dog coats including  oilskin coats.