Bravecto for Large Dogs 20 - 40kg x 2 Chews (6 months prevention)

Flea and Tick control that lasts for 12 weeks

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**This is a pack of 2 Bravecto Chews.   Each Bravecto chew lasts for 3 months.  So this pack of 2 will give 1 dog 6 months protection against fleas and paralysis ticks**

Bravecto is the longest lasting flea and tick prevention currently on the market.   Bravecto kills fleas and ticks for 3 months with one tasty chew.    Getting rid of fleas on dogs is easy with Bravecto.  Keeping dogs safe from Paralysis ticks is now simple with the new Bravecto.

Q. Does Bravecto treat paralysis ticks as well?

A  Yes Bravecto prevents paralysis ticks for 3 months

Q. How long does Bravecto take to start working?

A.  Bravecto starts killing fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 24.  Dogs with fleas will get quick relief when treated with Bravecto

Q. How do I administer Bravecto to my dog?

A.  Bravecto is a meaty chew, most dogs love them.  Studies show that 93% of dogs eat their Bravecto chew.   If your dog will not eat it readily it can be hidden in food.

Q,  Should Bravecto be given with a meal?

A  Yes Bravecto should be given with a meal

Q.  Can cats or other animals take Bravecto?

A  NO Bravecto is only for dogs 

Q What is the active ingrediant in Bravecto?

A  The active ingrediant is Bravecto is Fluralaner

Q  How old does my dog have to be before starting on Bravecto?

A  Dogs needs to be 8 weeks old.  However as pups grow so quickly they will often grow out of the weight bracket you have given them before the 3 month treatment is up creating the need for you to treat again at 2 months instead of 3.  This is safe to do however defeats the purpose of giving a 3 month treatment.  Therefore we recommend not starting pups on it until they are closer to their adult weight. 

Q. Can I give Bravecto to pregnant, nursing or lactating bitches

A Yes Bravecto can be given to pregnant, nursing and lactating bitches

Q. What is the benefit of an oral chew instead of a spot on?

A.  Bravecto is an oral chew and therefore can not be rubbed off, worn off or washed off.






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Brand Bravecto
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By: trazana on 19 April 2020
Quick, reliable

Great Price and Service

By: Marion McGrath on 18 April 2020
I always buy my dog's Bravecto through the Vet Shed. They have the best prices around and the service is superb. I would highly recommend them.

Excellent value

By: JoJo on 21 March 2020
I live in Canada and order from Australia because it's more affordable. I am always surprised by how fast it comes. The product itself is recommended by my vet and I definitely prefer it over the flea med that goes on their skin.


By: Luda Prokopiwskyi on 5 March 2020
Great product. Very effective. We often travel in tick infested areas. We still occasionally check our dog for ticks and recently found a very dead tick above his eyes. Wouldn’t use anything else for tick control. great price too, if you buy 2 lots of treatments (8 months cover)

Great Product

By: Mark Skinner on 10 October 2019
Fantastic to deal with, great product and very fast delivery.

The best

By: Kelly craig on 17 December 2018
Love this product works so well.

Good and convenient

By: Sharon Howell on 16 September 2018
Bravecto is easy to administer, tasty chews for dogs and is treating them without even knowing. Love the fact that they last 3 months.

Fast Delivery

By: Mark Skinner on 28 August 2018
Great product at a great price. Delivery is very fast and constantly updated on its progress. Highly enjoyable transaction and highly recommend the vet shed


By: desley edgerton on 25 April 2018
all round great


By: Pam on 18 February 2018
As far as I can see, it works just as claimed. The cost is a bit of a shock, especially if ,as I do, you have several dogs but when you consider for how long it is effective, the cost comes more into perspective.


By: Caroline on 14 February 2018
Great product that has cleared my Staffordshire bull terriers skin condition . Vet shed are amazing and have great prices and fast delivery. Definitely highly recommended


By: Jess on 13 December 2017
Kills fleas fast and keeps them away for 3 months... cant fault it

Can't beat Bravecto!

By: Sunita Flockhart on 26 October 2017
Have been using Bravecto on our two dogs (both large dogs) for about 18 months. The dogs take the chew without hesitation and (touch wood!) the last two hot summers and now an unusually hot spring we have not had any problems with paralysis ticks. We live on an acre block and back onto bushland so good protection is vital for us. Five stars without hesitation for Bravecto :)

Bravecto 20-40kg

By: Matthew Thomas on 5 October 2017
Dogs love them, big savings compared to anywhere else

Bravecto for large dogs

By: Deb Reno on 17 September 2017
After consultation with our vet, he recommended tick/flea prevention for our 2 dogs, living in Canberra we don't usually have an issue with ticks until now, he suggested Bravecto. The dogs had no issues with the chew.

Bravecto flea chews

By: Jocelyn Battaglene on 21 July 2017
This product is awesome. I live on a farm and fleas were a big issue but not anymore my 2 dogs are flea free and have stopped chewing themselves. Soooooooooo happy


By: MichaelNeuman on 3 July 2017
This product does help our dogs almost instantly with control of fleas as well as knowing that we have protection for Ticks when we go away from our home


By: Rebecca on 25 March 2017
Initially i was worried by anecdotes where dogs were unwell after taking Bravecto. I spoke extensively with our vet about this and decided to go with the Bravecto to protect my dog from fleas and ticks. So far it is working well (a week) my dog did not get sick from the medication nor did he dislike the chew he's fairly fussy. The postage from vetshed was fast and reliable.


By: Jennifer Arnold on 16 March 2017
Great price and fast delivery. Happy client.

Great Product

By: Mark Skinner on 22 December 2016
Great product that gives proper protection for our 2 Golden Retrievers. The Vet Shed provides fast and efficient service. Will continue to support their products.

Great product

By: Roz Martins on 15 December 2016
So convenient and effective - each lasts 3 months, easy to administer as it's one of the few "medical" pills my dog will actually eat without having to crush up or force down. Very glad my vet recommended Bravecto..

3 monthly is a good idea but...

By: Maggie Keegan on 18 November 2016
One dog likes the "chew" and eats it happily. The other dog didn't like it at all this time so I had to cut it up and give it to her in pieces like tablets - am rethinking this product. Will probably try it once more (she ate it the first time we gave it to them - this was only the second time we have used them) if she refuses it again we will have to use something else. Great service, price and fast delivery as usual.


By: Gayle O'brien on 7 November 2016
excellent service ,prompt & traceable .Dogs loved Bravecto easy to treat your animals. I will deffinately use thevetshed again will recommend it to others


By: Paula newman on 4 September 2016
This product arrived on time and appears to be a good product for good price thanks

dog chews

By: Wendy Thomas on 21 April 2016
I wouldn't buy anything else they protect my dog from those nasty ticks.


By: Wendy thomas on 29 January 2016
I bought those chews recently because I was told they prevent my dog from ticks. I have found them to be very good. thanks


By: Wendy Thomas on 18 October 2015
It's great the dogs loved it. I just want something to protect my dog from ticks for a long time. Thanks

did not receive my item yet

By: keeley Hoskinson on 4 August 2015
I really was hoping to have the flea treatment for my dogs by now but I have yet to get this shipment. is there a tracking number?

bravecto for large dogs

By: billy Johnson on 11 July 2015
product had great price and on time shipping

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