Bravecto for Small Dogs 4.5-10kg 2 Chews (6 month treatment pack)

Flea and Tick control that lasts for 12 weeks

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**This is a pack of 2 Bravecto Chews.   Each Bravecto chew lasts for 3 months.  So this pack of 2 will give 1 dog 6 months protection against fleas and paralysis ticks**

Bravecto is the longest lasting flea and tick prevention currently on the market.   Bravecto kills fleas and ticks for 3 months with one tasty chew.    Getting rid of fleas on dogs is easy with Bravecto.  Keeping dogs safe from Paralysis ticks is now simple with the new Bravecto.

Q. Does Bravecto treat paralysis ticks as well?

A  Yes Bravecto prevents paralysis ticks for 3 months

Q. How long does Bravecto take to start working?

A.  Bravecto starts killing fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 24.  Dogs with fleas will get quick relief when treated with Bravecto

Q. How do I administer Bravecto to my dog?

A.  Bravecto is a meaty chew, most dogs love them.  Studies show that 93% of dogs eat their Bravecto chew.   If your dog will not eat it readily it can be hidden in food.

Q,  Should Bravecto be given with a meal?

A  Yes Bravecto should be given with a meal

Q.  Can cats or other animals take Bravecto?

A  NO Bravecto is only for dogs 

Q What is the active ingrediant in Bravecto?

A  The active ingrediant is Bravecto is Fluralaner

Q  How old does my dog have to be before starting on Bravecto?

A  A  Dogs needs to be 8 weeks old.  However as pups grow so quickly they will often grow out of the weight bracket you have given them before the 3 month treatment is up creating the need for you to treat again at 2 months instead of 3.  This is safe to do however defeats the purpose of giving a 3 month treatment.  Therefore we recommend not starting pups on it until they are closer to their adult weight. 

Q. Can I give Bravecto to pregnant, nursing or lactating bitches

A Yes Bravecto can be given to pregnant, nursing and lactating bitches

Q. What is the benefit of an oral chew instead of a spot on?

A.  Bravecto is an oral chew and therefore can not be rubbed off, worn off or washed off.






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Great value

By: Chloe Yeung on 21 November 2020
Competitive price and fast delivery. Chewable tablet must be super yummy as my pooch hardly chews it before it’s gone.

Bravecto for small dogs

By: Maurice. Dean on 2 July 2020
Great value for money good product works well


By: Laurence Laurie Leechburch-Auwers on 7 February 2020
Delivery was prompt, price was fair. Happy with the supplier.


By: Sandra Poulsen on 6 October 2019
I don't have a problem with the effectiveness of the product as my dog has never had a flea or tick. The problem is that the chew is not great tasting to all dogs. Even in the adverts all companies selling this type of product say the line "given as a delicious treat your dog will love" is false my dog has had 3 of these chews so far and I have to tear them apart as she is only small, and forced them down her throat I don't know if she took it all down either as she runs out of the house. I have just got a pack of two so I will have the same trouble in three months, I would have tried 4 times by then if I still have trouble I think I will then have to get a product that has tablets which are easier to get down than the soft chew, as they are too expensive to waste.

Tick control

By: Maurice Dean on 18 May 2019
Thanks for your help with purchase of Bravecto for small dog ! Been working a treat


By: Tracey Maney on 11 April 2019
Been using Bravecto for over a year and We haven't looked back ..had tried everything to combat the pesky flea and I wouldn't use anything else now

A trusted Company :)

By: Caroline Acker on 17 December 2018
All the great products for your fur babies right here at cost prices. I always do my shopping here for all my dogs flea protection. Fast Friendly & Professional


By: Jen Dragoni on 13 November 2018
Bravecto is an excellent product that does what it says it does and the service from The Vet Shed is absolutely first class. Product ordered Sunday, delivered Monday. Couldn't be happier.

Value for Money

By: Sharon Shabanz on 21 October 2018
Love this product, so simple to use and very economical because it covers fleas & ticks in one easy dose.

No fuss

By: Jayne Stoermer on 15 September 2018
Love it, no fuss just once every 3months doesn't get any easier

Bravecto - flea and tick treatment chews

By: Kathy Stevens on 27 April 2018
A tick and flea treatment that my dogs consider a treat - doesn't get any easier! The Vet shed offered the product at the cheapest price.

Great product

By: Jayne Stoermer on 18 February 2018
This is the only flea and tick product I use now, it last the full three months, have had no problem with it, very happy

bravecto tick & flea tablets

By: pauline galvin on 19 January 2018
great product. very happy with service from the vet shed

Bravo Bravecto

By: Jen on 30 December 2017
Bravecto is great as it totally protects my dogs from ticks and fleas and there is no need to worry about them getting wet. So easy to administer and means the dogs can come inside and no fleas. Wouldn't be without it.

bravecto tick & flea tablets

By: pauline galvin on 6 July 2017
very happy with price & quick postage .I highly recommend this company

Bravecto success

By: Donna on 24 March 2017
My dog was prone to hotspots until he started taking Bravecto for small dogs flea tablets. He has been taking it for 18 months now and he has not had a hotspot in all that time. Prior to that he was getting them frequently at different times of the year.


By: Jodi Burnell on 15 October 2016
Happy with price and fast delivery


By: Dayle Joekong on 5 October 2016
Brought this on my vets recommendation as our dog wouldn't eat Nexgard . Haven't used yet but at least won't have to try and get him to eat one every month. Didn't get the free torch but maybe I accidently threw it out with the excessive packaging

Bravecto for Small Dogs 4.5-10kg x 2 Chews

By: Wesley on 30 September 2016
Purchased Bravecto for my dogs and I was completely surprised that they actually liked them and ate them!!, I normal spend hours trying to feed any edible treatments to them, they can normally sniff them out even hidden in food, which normally ends with them having very little of that "delicious meat flavoured treatment" - these were eaten and they wanted more! No fleas to be seen either... Will see how long lasting these are but so far very impressed.


By: Jenny White on 30 September 2016

Excellent product

By: Donna on 22 September 2016
Bravecto has been the most successful product I have used for flea control on my five year old maltese x shih tzu. He generally suffers from hot spots but since using this product he has not had one. He was quite happy to eat the tablet. He did vomit about 4 hours after taking it but then was fine.

Bravecto Flea & Tick Chewable Tablet

By: Joanne on 1 September 2016
I have tried many of the other brands for the same treatment and have Bravecto to be the best, doesn't make them sick or give skin irritations. Highly recommend

Bravecto for small dogs 4.5 - 10 kgs

By: Rob Davidson on 4 June 2016
Very fast and efficient service as always from the Vet Shed. Very pleased.


By: Jo Anne Shorrock on 4 May 2016
Prompt Service, good price.

Fleas Flee B

By: Lindsay Gordon on 26 December 2015
Have found Bravecto to be easy as to administer, my dog even licks the smell off the foil cup! It works well as never found fleas on him since I began using it! Would recommend this product to my friends.


By: Janelle on 18 September 2015
Finally a tick preventative that is safe to use in a cat/dog household. Keeping the cats away from dogs for 48hrs (because spot on options are toxic to cats) has been hard! Dogs ate the chew without any problems.

bravecto for small dogs

By: genie on 2 September 2015
great product....fleas gone and lasts the whole time !!! best product ever side effects and dogs love flavor!!

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