Bravecto for Medium Dogs 10 -20kg x 4 Chews (12 months protection)

Flea and Tick control that lasts for 12 weeks

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**This is a pack of 4 Bravecto Chews.   Each Bravecto chew lasts for 3 months.  So this pack of 4 will give 1 dog 12 months protection against fleas and paralysis ticks**

Bravecto is the longest lasting flea and tick prevention currently on the market.   Bravecto kills fleas and ticks for 3 months with one tasty chew.    Getting rid of fleas on dogs is easy with Bravecto.  Keeping dogs safe from Paralysis ticks is now simple with the new Bravecto.

Q. Does Bravecto treat paralysis ticks as well?

A  Yes Bravecto prevents paralysis ticks for 3 months

Q. How long does Bravecto take to start working?

A.  Bravecto starts killing fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 24.  Dogs with fleas will get quick relief when treated with Bravecto

Q. How do I administer Bravecto to my dog?

A.  Bravecto is a meaty chew, most dogs love them.  Studies show that 93% of dogs eat their Bravecto chew.   If your dog will not eat it readily it can be hidden in food.

Q,  Should Bravecto be given with a meal?

A  Yes Bravecto should be given with a meal

Q.  Can cats or other animals take Bravecto?

A  NO Bravecto is only for dogs 

Q What is the active ingrediant in Bravecto?

A  The active ingrediant is Bravecto is Fluralaner

Q  How old does my dog have to be before starting on Bravecto?

A  Dogs needs to be 8 weeks old.  However as pups grow so quickly they will often grow out of the weight bracket you have given them before the 3 month treatment is up creating the need for you to treat again at 2 months instead of 3.  This is safe to do however defeats the purpose of giving a 3 month treatment.  Therefore we recommend not starting pups on it until they are closer to their adult weight. 

Q. Can I give Bravecto to pregnant, nursing or lactating bitches

A Yes Bravecto can be given to pregnant, nursing and lactating bitches

Q. What is the benefit of an oral chew instead of a spot on?

A.  Bravecto is an oral chew and therefore can not be rubbed off, worn off or washed off.






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By: Adele C on 14 May 2020
Thank you for shipping to Hong Kong. The price is good and fast delivery.

Great product

By: Paul on 1 May 2020
Excellent product for flees and ticks here in UK

Itch free!

By: Paul Dean on 12 September 2019
Bravecto works very well on my dogs, no fleas and not one tick in the last 6 months.

Ticked Off

By: on 21 February 2019
My two Shetland Sheepdogs have been using Bravecto for about four years and have enjoyed a flea and tick free lifestyle. At home and whilst travelling to both seaside and country locations regularly there has never been any sight of a flea or tick on either dog. The three month protection offered by this product adds to its convenience when compared to those requiring monthly administration.


By: Jane on 20 June 2018
great product which you only have to give once every 3 months. No fleas or ticks anymore and the chew must be tasty as it's always eaten straight away!.

bravecto order

By: Irene Smith on 3 May 2018
Thank you for recent order.Prompt service and great price.

Good Product and Great price

By: Toni on 4 December 2017
I use Bravecto as it's safe to use on my breeding dogs.

Bravecto Chews

By: Sue Shepherd on 2 August 2017
I have used this product now for a couple of years my dogs love them and I have never seen fleas or ticks it's great that it lasts for 3 months as well. The Vet Shed are so quick in sending it out only 2 working days to Country location..

Review Bravecto for Medium Dogs

By: Caroline on 30 January 2017
5 star rating as this product came to me quick smart and is very good for my dogs

Excellent product

By: Sue on 3 January 2017
This is a great product so easy and really works. The Vet Shed is fast and efficient I received this product 2 days later.

Good service. I recommend ' The Vet Shed '

By: Ali on 4 November 2016
Prompt delivery. Would highly recommend ' The Vet Shed '. I will purchase from them again.

No problems!

By: Jacinda Simpkins on 3 January 2016
Arrived very quickly and exactly as described. Thx!


By: Estrella on 30 April 2015
This is a new product for me, tick and flea control for three months, you have to love the idea at least. The chew is quite large for a medium dog (cocker spaniel) compared to the one month equivalents, so if your hound is a fussy devil like mine, you will need to break the chew into bits to hide it in mince. So far we are going well, I will be interested to see how the flea control is going after 12 weeks.

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