Bravecto for Large Dogs 20 - 40kg Single Chew

Flea and Tick control that lasts for 12 weeks

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Bravecto is the longest lasting flea and tick prevention currently on the market.   Bravecto kills fleas and ticks for 3 months with one tasty chew.    Getting rid of fleas on dogs is easy with Bravecto.  Keeping dogs safe from Paralysis ticks is now simple with the new Bravecto.

Q. Does Bravecto treat paralysis ticks as well?

A  Yes Bravecto prevents paralysis ticks for 3 months

Q. How long does Bravecto take to start working?

A.  Bravecto starts killing fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 24.  Dogs with fleas will get quick relief when treated with Bravecto

Q. How do I administer Bravecto to my dog?

A.  Bravecto is a meaty chew, most dogs love them.  Studies show that 93% of dogs eat their Bravecto chew.   If your dog will not eat it readily it can be hidden in food.

Q,  Should Bravecto be given with a meal?

A  Yes Bravecto should be given with a meal

Q.  Can cats or other animals take Bravecto?

A  NO Bravecto is only for dogs 

Q What is the active ingrediant in Bravecto?

A  The active ingrediant is Bravecto is Fluralaner

Q  How old does my dog have to be before starting on Bravecto?

A  Dogs needs to be 8 weeks old.  However as pups grow so quickly they will often grow out of the weight bracket you have given them before the 3 month treatment is up creating the need for you to treat again at 2 months instead of 3.  This is safe to do however defeats the purpose of giving a 3 month treatment.  Therefore we recommend not starting pups on it until they are closer to their adult weight. 

Q. Can I give Bravecto to pregnant, nursing or lactating bitches

A Yes Bravecto can be given to pregnant, nursing and lactating bitches

Q. What is the benefit of an oral chew instead of a spot on?

A.  Bravecto is an oral chew and therefore can not be rubbed off, worn off or washed off.






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Brand Bravecto
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Protection against NSW paralysis ticks.

By: Kenn Crosby on 22 March 2020
My dog was hospitalised after I used another product. Now he gets Bravecto on on the vet's recommendation.


By: Janis on 29 January 2020
Great for me only HAVE to give it 4x a year . My dog loves the chew thinks its a treat . No fleas no ticks no mote itching .


By: Janis Polanske on 14 September 2019
My dog thought this was a treat so him chewing it was not a problem . To have coverage for 90days at that price is a bargain. Thank you .


By: Helen Mehbrei on 10 July 2019
Happy with price and delivery


By: Helen Mehbrei on 10 July 2019
Happy with price and delivery

Bravecto for Large Dogs 20 - 40kg Single Chew

By: Diane on 24 March 2019
Best price available, delivery prompt, great service!


By: Lesley GALEA on 1 November 2018
Great thank you. Found out from my Vet last night BRAVECTO is now available to dab on. Love that idea. It's a 6 monthly application. Much better for my dogs as they hate the taste of the chews.

RE: Amazing!!!

By: Lee McKee on 24 September 2018
I can only say that I will be purchasing my Bravecto and other items for my dogs from you!! Awesome service!!

Best anti flea n tick ever

By: Marcelo Leoni on 22 August 2018
Vet Shed rocks, efficient customer service, quick delivery and fair prices. Been a client for bout 3 years so can easily state these guys are unrivaled.

Bravecto for Large Dogs

By: TrishKenneth on 9 April 2018
just as described. Easy to administer to a large dog. He didnt even notice it mixed with his dry food. No reactions to it and I like that it is only 1 dose for 3 months.

Bravecto for Large Dogs 20 - 40kg Single Chew

By: Emil McLeod on 8 February 2018
Awesome product work's extremely well and the dog's love the taste

Tip top

By: Jasmine on 13 November 2017
I have been using this brand on my dog for a little while now and it has been awesome.

Great Service

By: Alison Pocock on 22 April 2017
great service as usual and fantastic prices

Review Bravecto for Large Dogs 20 - 40kg Single Ch

By: Jo-Anne Simpson on 20 March 2017
suggested by dog cannot tolerate things around her neck so this is very god for her.

Best Piece of mind!!

By: Teressa Clark on 1 February 2017
So Easy and is the longest lasting paralysis tick treatment on the market!!! Love it

Bravecto for large dogs

By: samantha Gasse on 18 January 2017
Firstly, I got a flea pill from vet day before to kill all fleas and eggs (only lasts 24hrs) then washed dogs in flea treatment shampoo then gave them the bravecto, Dogs liked taste and ate like a dog treat so no hiding in bits of food etc. Product seemed to start working pretty much immediately. Now nearly 6 weeks later still well protected. Has not caused any side effects.My long haired shepherd who chews himself raw through summer, no matter what, has a nice and full tail again ad his undercarriage looks healthy too, I usually have to treat with several regimes. Also purchased Bravecto for medium dogs and had similar results. Will buy again


By: Suanne on 13 January 2017
Very good product. My dog tolerates it well & easy to give.


By: Shenae on 22 December 2016
Great product last as advertised and my dog loves the taste!

Great product

By: Bek on 18 December 2016
Product is good and our pup gobbled it up. Quick delivery from Vet Shed too


By: Belinda Real on 26 October 2016
Bravecto has great protection from fleas and ticks. I know the product claims to be palatable for dogs however my 14 month old English sheepdog refuses to have the chew. It is a struggle every 3 months to ensure she eats it.

best thing since sliced bread

By: ineke van horssen on 1 February 2016
Bravecto is a great product for tick control, 4 months no worries. Recommended!

Good Product

By: Mary Cribb on 6 December 2015
Easy to administer


By: Fern Hyland on 4 November 2015
I found with the Nexgard that my dog suffered severe skin irritation and was worried about using this product as it lasts for 3 months, but bit the bullet and, Amazing, no diarrhea, tummy upset or skin irritation. My little shepherd is a very happy chappy and well protected.

Great new Product

By: Chris on 5 August 2015
Tried Bravecto on recommendation of our Vet - a chewable meat flavoured "tablet" which protects the dog from fleas for 3 months & ticks for 4 months. Easy long-term prevention & our dog loved it.

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