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Frontline Plus is  proven for flea and tick control.   Frontline Plus is a product you can trust to take care of your dogs fleas and if used every 2 weeks  your dogs tick prevention as well.   Frontline plus is easy to apply and is tolerated well by pets.  

Frequently asked questions on Frontline plus are below.  If you have any other questions of Frontline Plus just let us know.  We are here to help. 

Q.  How old do Dogs have to be before starting on Frontline Plus?

A.  Frontline Plus can be used on puppies from 8 weeks

Q.  Can Frontline Plus be used on breeding dogs?

A.  Frontline Plus can be used on breeding, pregnant and lactating bitches. 

Q. Does Frontline Plus break the flea breeding cycle?

A.  Frontline Plus breaks the fleas breeding cycle by preventing the development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae

Q.  Will my dog tolerate the application of Frontline Plus

A.  Yes yourdog will be fine, it is so easy - simply part the hair on the back of the neck and apply to the skin.  It is not a huge amount and it does not have much of an odour so your dog will not mind.   It is put at the back of the neck so your dog is unable to groom and lick it off. 

Q.  Will Frontline Plus for dog treat for Paralysis ticks?

A. Yes Frontline Plus for dogs will prevent paralysis ticks.  You do need to apply Frontline plus every 2 weeks instead of monthy for paralysis tick control.  Frontline Plus is a proven product that is perfectly safe to apply to your dog every 2 weeks. 

Q. Can I bath my dog when using Frontline Plus

A. Yes it is you can bath your dog between applications just be sure to use a soap free shampoo - all the shampoos we sell are soap free and can be used with Frontline Plus.  We recommend not bathing 48 hours before and 48 hours after application, after that you can bath. 

Q.  I have other animals do I have to treat them all for fleas

A. All pets in your household need to be treated for fleas or the fleas will continue to breed and you will never get rid of your flea problem.   You will need to treat all pets with a product that is appropriate for them

Q.  Can I use Frontline Plus for dogs on the cat?

A.  No Frontline plus for cats and Frontline Plus for dogs are slightly different, you will need to buy your cat Frontline Plus for cats. 

Q.  What if I see fleas on dog cat before the 4 weeks is up

A.  Although it is safe to retreat before the 4 weeks is up there is no need.  Frontline Plus is effective for 4 weeks.  Frontline is not a repellant,  Fleas that are emerging from the ground are going to jump on your dog.   The good thing is that the ingredient in Frontline will go to work and these fleas will be killed.  

Q.  Should I use Frontline year round even when I can not see any fleas on my dog?

A. Yes, if you keep using Frontline plus every month you will not have a flea outbreak.  Flea control is something that you need to stay on top of, if you get an outbreak it will take a few applications to get on top of it as you will have so many flea eggs in the ground that will continue to hatch.  To keep your dog comfortable and flea free keep using Frontline Plus every month. 






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Frontline Plus small dog 12 pack

By: Robyn Chen on 1 February 2016
Excellent product and packaged to reduce cost which I appreciate.

Frontline plus small

By: Mary Jordan on 5 December 2015
Have been using frontline for over 13 years on my dogs and never any problems. Does what it says. Tick ID card and remover is much appreciated and hopefully never used. The vet shed service is fantastic and great value.

Works every time.

By: Dee. on 11 July 2015
I have been buying this product for a while now, I have stuck to this product because I know it works, its safe, no side effects and well it does its job. 3 years on frontline plus and my dogs have never had ticks or fleas ever! and we have lived in some heavy bush areas, our neighbors dogs all got ticks during the season, but not ours. so clearly its working. Very happy with this product.

frontline plus

By: patsy evans on 16 September 2014
been using this for years and always buy it when it is on a good special - thank you.


By: Diane McGuire on 16 September 2014
Great product at a great price & it works. What more could you ask for?

Frontline plus

22 March 2014
I ordered front line plus for my Jack Russell - was delivered very quickly and was discounted price. Frontline is easy to apply and keeps the nasty stuff away my little puppy!


7 December 2013


2 December 2013
Excellent product very easy to apply, not sticky after half hour. In Summer may need to apply at 3 weeks if in high grassed areas. Have used for over 10 years. Pricing from Vet Shed as excellent as their quick delivery time.

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