Bravecto is a revolutionary advancement in parasite protection for our pets. Bravecto provides long lasting protection in either spot on or chewable for dogs or spot on for cats! More than 80 million doses of Bravecto have been given to pets around the globe - a brand that you can trust.

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Author: The Vet Shed   Date Posted: 14 April 2015  

Bravecto Flea Treatment for Dogs

Bravecto has arrived. Bravecto is the first product to be able to control fleas for 3 months  and paralysis ticks for 4 months. Bravecto is new to Australia however has been available in the USA and the UK for some time.   They do have different ticks to us so Bravecto had to undergo alot of new testing before its release here in Australia.

Bravecto has been tested and can safely be used in breeding dogs including dogs that are lactating and pregnant.  It is safe to use on puppies from 8 weeks.  They do however need to be a minimum of 2kg bodyweight.&nb...