Nuheart heartworm Tablets for Large dogs 23 - 45kg 6pk
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Valuheart Small Dog 6 pack

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Protecting your dog from Heartworm is an essential part of pet care.   Heartworm is easily prevented with effective heartworm medications.   There are many different types of preventatives from daily tablets to Monthly tablets, spot ons and chews.   Many of the treatments are combination products such as Simparica trio which does Heartworm, Worms, Fleas, Ticks Mites and Mange with one simple montly chew.   If you are not sure what product or treatment regime is right for your dog and your budget reach out to us and we can assist you.  We know this can all be abit overwhelming.  We are experts on it and have knowledge on all the heartworm products and options available to you

Heartworm is trasnmitted from dog to dog via mosquitos so it does not matter if your dog is in direct contact with others or not they are still at risk.  An infected mosquito injects a larval stage of the worm under your pet’s skin. These larvae mature in the pet’s organs for approximately six months, traveling through the body to the heart and blood vessels of the lungs. These adult worms  breed to produce microfilaria (baby heartworm) in the bloodstream which are then drawn up by a mosquito when it feeds on the pet, continuing the cycle once again.