Simparica Trio

Simparica Trio for dogs is the worlds leading product for flea, tick, heartworm and worming.  This is because of its proven safety, efficacy and its ease to administer to dogs.  So great for us in Australia where we need the best protection against our nasty Paralysis ticks!

How does Simparica Trio kill ticks, and how quickly does it kill mites?

Simparica Trio kills ticks through its active ingredient, sarolaner. Sarolaner works by interfering with the nervous system of ticks, ultimately leading to their death. This process starts shortly after administration, with a rapid onset of action against ticks within hours.

Simparica Trio for dogs provides triple protection against fleas and ticks, intestinal worms and deadly heartworm disease all in a tasty monthly chew.  Moreover, it also prevents flea tapeworm infestations and treats and controls demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, and ear mites.

Simparica Trio contains a specially optimised trio of ingredients for proven efficacy including the ingredient moxidectin, the same ingredient used by vets to protect against deadly heartworm disease.

Just one dose of Simparica Trio for dogs provides triple protection

  • Tasty liver flavoured chew that dogs will love ( if your dog is fussy you can just pop it down their throat as it is tablet shaped.  There is always a few that wont like it, including Brax the cattle dog that works in the Vet Shed warehouse overseeing the treats are all tasty.  He thinks that the chews are awful so he has his given straight down his throat.  It could easily also be crushed and hidden in food if you find that easier} 
  • Can be given with or without food
  • Can be given from 8 weeks of age
  • Suitable for dogs from as little as 1.25kg
  • 100% effective at preventing heartworm disease