Meyers And Senegals Supplies and Supplements

JW Insight BIRD TOY TIP & TREAT 8x6cm
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SuperBird MINI FLYING TRAPEZE SWING 22x17cm (Small - Medium Birds)
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Oxymav B 100gm

Oxymav B 100gm

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Penn Plax Cuttlebone Mango/Banana 6 pack
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Tropimix Lovebird/Cockatiel Mix 908gm
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Avicare Concentrate 500ml

Avicare Concentrate 500ml

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Aviclens 500ml

Aviclens 500ml


Avitrol Plus 100ml bird wormer

Avitrol Plus 100ml bird wormer

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Birdie Foraging Box Bird Toy Small 20x10cm
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Birdie Foraging House Bird Toy 30x8cm
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Birdie Jute Parrot Triple Ring (16cm each)
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Birdie Medium Play Gym for Birds 36 x 26 x 27cm
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Calcivet 50ml

Calcivet 50ml


Coccivet 250ml

Coccivet 250ml

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Coccivet 50ml

Coccivet 50ml


Fidos Free Itch Rinse Concentrate 125ml
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Living World Pedicure Perch Medium 21cm
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Meyer and Senegal are small breed parrots  approx 8-9 inches.  They make loving companions.

Balanced diet is essential for good health.  We have many complete diets that are suitable including Vetafarm parrot pellets.  

It is important to supply toys to make your Meyer and Senegal's life more enjoyable. These toys include foot toys and chews that help your Meyer or Senegal get exercise while they play, toys made of coconut and cactus that your parrot can explore, and essential foraging toys that help your Meyer and Senegal mimic their natural foraging habits.