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Rogz Yumz Dog Toy

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Gentle Leader - I recently bought this product to help me with my dog that pulls when being walked. I have tried several products and training methods over the years and nothing seemed to work, until now. This product has reduced the pulling significantly and given me more control over my dog when walking. I now enjoy our walks together. Thanks Gentle Leader.
Interceptor - The Inceptor is a great product, so convenient to give to my dog. I must say that she has to rub her face all over it before she will eat it but I guess we have to let them do what they need to do.


John - Nth QLd

Thanks for the NexGard which has arrived safely. I feed it to my three English Pointers and the neighbour’s previously flea bag dogs too, so all is well. When I gave a half 50 k weight chewie to my neighbours’ dogs (they chase my pups along the fence line so can transfer fleas) it was amazing to see the number of fleas evacuating/dying from their flea bags’ fur within 30 mins of chewie delivery. It is a super product! My Pointers sleep with me so I can confirm they have never had a tick or flea thanks to Frontline, and now their new product NexGard. Plus the NexGard new bonus of not staining my furniture and they can swim in the ocean in minutes of NexGard unlike Frontline.Kind regards, John (Vietnam Veteran) in North Queensland.



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