Homeopet Anxiety 15ml

Natural medicine for calming nervous behaviours

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Homeopathic medicines are highly effective natural medicines, used with humans for centuries and now becomming mainstream for animals. Minutes doses of a particular ingrediant are administered to cause a rapid reaction in the body, causing the body to defend against and heal the problem. With such small doses, it is completely safe and has no side effects/drug interactions.

Homeopet Anxiety can be used for emotional states, travel and motion sickness, seperation anxiety, veterinary visits, grooming, thunderstorms, drooling and feather plucking in birds.

- 12 years veterinary research and the purest 100% organic materials used
- Free of all chemicals and harmful substances
- No known side effects
- Non-sedating or habit forming
- No drug interactions when used with other medications
- Manufactured under the USA Federal Drug Authority registered process

- Easy to administer in food, on a treat, in water or directly into the mouth
- Doses simply vary according to chronic or acute symptoms
- Each formula is delivered in an easy to use 15ml dropper bottle, each containing 350 drops

- Over 36 million botlles of Homeopet Anxiety sold worldwide for acute and chronic conditions
- Scientifically formulated to harness natural healing power with repeatable and reproducible results
- Clinically trialed with proven effectiveness
- Clinically used on dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and ferrets



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Great Product

By: Robyn Plany on 8 September 2019
I am using Homeopet Anxiety for my two cats, there is a house being built next door and my two cats Russy and Oscar are not use to all the noise, this product works within minutes and they are calm, great product works fast .

Awesome Product

By: Patresha Thomas on 11 June 2016
This really works. I didnt use all of it but I did use it for at least 3 days. My Doberman Pinscher has been petrified after the death of her bestie our Boxer cross. She would constantly be searching for flies. After taking it she still looks for flies every now and then but she is now playing which she was never doing anymore. All she usually did was cower and hide under a blanket or table or anything she could. Now she is happy the only issue i do have is she started being a bit sick as in vomiting but she does have a sensitive stomach so it might not be the product its self. I would highly Recommend this product thank you for giving me back my beautiful, happy and healthy Doberman Pinscher.

Homeopet Anxiety 15ml

By: Lynne Morley on 2 November 2014
I had been administering Anxiety to my dog, Jezzabell for a lot of years, each time we had a storm. Before using this she used to be in a very distressed state, running into rooms and trying to get away from the noise of the thunder, clambering under beds and behind furniture. At the onset of a storm I would give her the recommended dose and within a very short time, she would visibly relax. I found over time that I could decrease the dosage to suit the severity of the storm and the stress caused. We would always have a bottle on hand. I now have another dog who is very sensitive to certain noises, such as a door slamming shut in the wind and of course, the dreaded thunder storm. I have just received a new bottle of our favourite product. Have also tried a few drops on one of my does ( pet Dairy Goat ) who had to move in to a new pen area and was most put out. It helped her settle in much sooner. Thankyou for this great remedy!

Just The Thing For Thunder Storms & Firewroks

24 November 2013
We have been using this on onw of our dogs for quite a number of years and it defiantly re leaves a lot of the anxiety

Real Relief

By: Kirsten on 15 October 2011
Homeopet Anxiety is an amazing product. My 9yr old Sheppard X has always been storm-phobic and the only help our vet would offer was valium which I used but hated. Elmo looked so drugged and out of it, it wasn't fair on him. Elmo took part in the trial for Homeopet Anxiety and the results were amazing, he just calms down, stops panting, drooling, pacing and shaking and he just lyes down. He doesn't look drugged, he's not 'out of it' he's just calm. I reccommend this product whole heartedly and without hesitation.

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