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calming pheromone spray to use around the home

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Feliway Spray The placing of facial pheromones is a behaviour which is well known to all cat owners. When a cat feels safe in its environment, it rubs its head from the side of the chin to the base of the ear, against the furniture, the corners of walls or the bottom of curtains. By doing this, the animal is depositing facial pheromones.


These marks convey a message of well-being and a feeling of security. When there is a change in the cat's environment (such as visits to the vets, return from hospitalisation, moving house, new arrivals, rearrangement of furniture) or if the cat is scared, a state of disquiet or stress may develop. This state can be expressed by changes in behaviour, such as urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite or refusal to play and to interact. In these situations, the Feliway Spray can be used to restore the natural balance. Feliway is a safe solution of feline facial pheromone, which mimics the cat's natural pheromones, creating a state of well-being and calm.



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Worked well

By: Gizzy on 5 December 2019
Our girl has always lived in our home for 21yrs & this was her first time she ever stayed anywhere else. We sprayed the Felliway spray onto a collar to give her the freedom to wander around new temporary home. It worked very well. Would highly recommend this product.

Great product

By: Karen Warren on 22 July 2019
Best thing I've use for my boy, spray in his cage b4 car trip to vets, he still meows but not as much as b4 the spray. Worth buying..

Felliway Feline Calming Spray - Works for Disturbe

By: Felicity Stanton on 1 June 2017
I have a once feral and abused cat who is normally calm and placid but cannot abide being boxed or taken in the car. He is terrified out of his wits and goes through the whole gamut of vomiting and incontinence despite medication prescribed by the vet which just doped him without abating the symptoms. My cattery recommended Felliway spray. as she always uses the diffuser to settle new arrivals in their areas and make them feel at home. I duly sprayed the box, the car and his bedding with most positive results. He was still sick but much calmer and dot so distressed, definitely not so scared of the experience. On arrival he was ably to climb out of his box and interact with us instead of his usual collapse.

just the best......

By: Eliene on 1 February 2016
Wouldn't be without this product. Calms a stressed out cat immediately & in turn stops the spraying, the marking of territory.

Cats love it!

By: Dee on 11 July 2015
this spray is great, I spray it on the cats bedding and cat house, they are calm, no more meowing through the night, we move house a lot and use the spray for each move, makes the cats calm and relaxed. no side effect. great value, would recommend to everyone with nerves cats.

We spray a little Feliway on our show cats curtain

By: Angela on 30 June 2011
We spray a little Feliway on our show cats curtains & cushions before we go to a show. It keeps them nice & happy & stressfree in the showhall.

We first used Feliway to control Rastas's (10yr ol

By: Debra on 30 June 2011
We first used Feliway to control Rastas's (10yr old neutered male - although neutered rather late as we found him as a stray) spraying in the house whenever he was stressed. This could be a new cat in the area, children visiting the house, a trip to the vet etc. It worked very well and was easier and cheaper than taking him to the vet for a hormone shot every 3 months. And definitely easier than cleaning cat pee - pheuwwww! Now Rhubarb (11yr old neutered female) is having to cope with 2 boisterous kittens and we're finding it every bit as useful. Once a week I'm giving her usual ""rubbing"" points a spray and she's happy and relaxed and enjoying their company! I can't recommend this product enough, it's worth every cent!

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