Feliway Diffuser Kit - 1 diffuser and 1 48ml vial

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Feliway Diffuser enables reactions to stressful situations to be controlled and avoided.

*Urine Marking
*Vertical Scratching
*Loss of Appetite
*Reduced Desire to Play
*Reduced Desire to Interact

*Moving House
*Visits to the Vets and return from hospitalisation
*Rearrangement of Furniture
*Holiday Homes
*New Arrivals

Use the Feliway Diffuser in the room where the marking has taken place. If the cat marks several rooms (with a total area of more than 70 sq. m.) place another diffuser in one of the other rooms that have been urine marked.

Place Feliway in the room most used by the cat during the day.

ACTIVE AREA: 50 to 70 sq. m.
One vial lasts approx 4 weeks




The Diffuse is a complete kit , plug it in and it is ready to go




Brand Feliway
Shipping Weight 0.2500kg
Unit Of Measure ea

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Feliway Diffuser

By: Sarah King on 19 October 2018
We moved house & one of my 3 cats was not coping & urinating everywhere. After a week of the diffuser he is much calmer & returned to using the litter box.

Feliway Diffuser Kit - 1 diffuser and 1 48ml vial

By: James on 26 March 2018
I was recommended this product by my vet to help my senior cat who was diagnosed with feline dementia, it has worked well my senior cat is calmer and happier since I started using Feliway. I would recommend this product.


By: Chloe on 7 December 2016
It has helped my very anxious kitty who for the past 2 years has been very aggressive and has not wanted to be touched until we got the feliway diffuser, she is back to her old self again and I'm loving it! She's always wanting cuddles and is so much calmer and content ☺️

Both my husband and I were nearly at our wits end

By: Nikki on 30 June 2011
Both my husband and I were nearly at our wits end with one of our cats soiling on the loungeroom carpet almost every night. So much so, that my husband said we would have to consider re-homing her if she did not improve. I did the ususal thing of changing to different types of cat litter, to citrus sprays on the carpet, but she still was soiling. I did some investigating on the internet, and came across Feliway, and I thought ""why not give it a shot seeing we have tried everything"". It has worked wonders on her, as there has not been a soiling since, and all three cats seem much happier too, as well as their owners :) I would recommend this product to everyone who is experiencing these problems, because it really does work!

I find the diffuser much more effective than the s

By: Isabella on 30 June 2011
I find the diffuser much more effective than the spray. I use this in a small room for my pregnant queens and queens that just gave birth to kittens it really does keep them calm and happy.

Feliway is a brilliant product. My cats are inside

By: Megan on 30 June 2011
Feliway is a brilliant product. My cats are inside cats however there are stray cats that enter the yard at night. This has caused my cats to start spraying. I was at my wits end - my house stunk, my cats were stressed and I was ready to scream. Feliway was suggested to me and I am so thankful. It works! I have quite a large house so I have 2 diffusers going at all times. My cats have stopped spraying and seem happier. I can not smell the feliway at all. My house no longer smells like cat urine... Recomend this product to anybody that is about to scream and that has a house that stinks :)

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