Advantix Blue Dogs over 25kg 12 pack - (2 x 6 pks)

Spot on flea and tick control for extra large dogs

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Advantix Extra Large dog is for dogs over 25kg.

  • Advantix kills fleas for 4 weeks and Paralysis ticks for 2 weeks.
  • If using this product for tick control it is important that you apply it every 2 weeks instead of once a month.
  • Advantix also kills mosquitoes, lice and sandflies without these biting insects your dog is happier and alot more comfortable.
  • Advantix is easy to use and it is effective
  • *Advantix is toxic to cats - care needs to be taken in shared cat/dog households*




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Brand Advantix
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Advantix 25kg+

By: Aleshia on 16 October 2017
Great product, excellent service & fantastic delivery time

Tick control

By: Jennifer on 29 July 2017
Received our double pack of Advantix so quickly. What great service. Great price too. 5 star

Delivery and Product Review

By: Ebony on 20 July 2017
Delivery was fast and we have used this product before as it always works


By: Marisa on 23 March 2017
Great product I will never change

Advantix Blue

By: Maryann barr on 20 January 2017
I have used this for a long time on my big golden Neo and all those fleas are gone in 2 days.


By: Sheila Walker on 4 September 2016
havent seen.a flea or tick for years on any of my dogs.. Folk say you should change treatments every so often WHY, when you are a good thing stick with it is my reply..


By: margi on 28 March 2016
Cant fault this product. Especially since we moved to acreage with cows. Have never found a tick yet. Touch wood

Advantix Blue

By: Alison on 26 November 2015
My backyard was bombarded by awful stable flies that kept attacking my dogs. Advantix has helped keep the flies at bay and no longer bite my dogs ears and skin. Extremely good product.

Advantix Blue

By: Colleen on 17 October 2015
I love these drops. So far (4 years) they have helped keep my dog paralysis tick free. So much cheaper than an overnight vet stay and the trauma of watching my dog suffer. Awesome service from The Vet Shed and a bargain buy! Thank you!

delivery and product

By: greg harwood on 14 October 2015

AdvantixBlue Extra Large Dogs 0ver 25kg 6pk

By: Robert Parkinson on 9 October 2015
Fantastic product thats so easy to use each month to keep the ticks and fleas at bay. Extra special value this time as I bough one pack and got one for free. Excellent!

Dog flea and tick treatment

By: Jodie on 30 September 2015
Great offer excellent product


By: Deborah Garrick on 20 September 2015
Great value and I'm really impressed with the follow-up

Outstanding prices - excellent customer service

By: Ross Huntley on 20 September 2015
This is simply the best deal in town. No one else comes close. Thank you very much.

Fleas and ticks

By: Marisa on 4 September 2015
I find this the best product on the market, been around for a long time and works well if you use it every month. I never see a flea on my golgies nor have tick problems.

Advantix Blue 6 pk

By: Kathy on 4 May 2015
Our son has used this product on his two elderly dogs for a number of years. One has very sensitive skin but has no adverse affects from Advantix and it keeps both of them flea and tick free in TNQ

Great product

By: Margaret on 7 April 2015
very reasonable price and fast service

Reliable flea treatment

By: Kim on 8 January 2015
My ageing schnauzer has used Advantix for many years now. He loves the ease of use and the reliability in ridding him of any fleas and protecting him for 3 or4 weeks.

Advantix Blue Dogs over 25kg 12 pack

By: Michele Crooke on 29 December 2014
This is a product i have used for years for my dogs. I am very happy with the Vet Shed, buying online. GREAT price and fast delivery. :)

Best Price Ever

By: Cynthia on 28 November 2014
I am saving so much money buyting through Vet Shed and it comes so quickly. I trust Vet Shed and will continue to order through them and recommend them to everyone. My dogs are flea and tick free and my budget loves it

Advantix and tick collars

By: Carol Bracken on 3 November 2014
Advantix saved my dog's life - he got a tick and suffered with it but if I had not applied the product - which killed the tick - i should have applied it every 2 weeks but had only put it on about 4 weeks previously - it still had enough oomph to save him - i now make sure its applied every 2 weeks. The tick collars work great too but i use them in the 'low' part of the season. We very nearly lost our samoyed and for a few days it was touch and go - thank goodness for the invention of Advantix. The next order i will put in is for Advocate.

Advantix Blue

By: Kathy on 3 November 2014
Great service and this is a great product. Our aged doberman is allergic to fleas and now that summer is just around the corner we know we can trust Advantix Blue to keep Freya calm and happy.

A great product

By: David john on 12 May 2014
A great product at a good price from a friendly professional company that delivers promptly in professional packaging I always recommend the vet shed

Goodbye to fleas and ticks

By: Julia on 24 March 2014
We were using Frontline and our dog still had fleas. Changed to Advantix, the fleas all died in agony causing some distress to our dog Emily and then........7 years later and we have not seen another flea and we have a non-scratching dog. It is expensive as we live in a tick area and have to apply it every 2 weeks but our dog is safe. Incidentally she HATES it, it must have a very strong smell. She used to run away, now she just lies down with a long suffering look on her face and then she gets a liver treat. Frontline may have been over used. Suggest that some strains of flea have become immune to it.

AdVantix Blue

11 November 2013
As a kennel we are very concerned about the control of ticks with our dogs we use and recommend the use of Advantix for the control of ticks and found it to work Tony & Margaret Reynolds Denotany Kennels

Advantix is reliable

By: Eilleen on 4 November 2013
A few years ago I used another product and the Labrador we had at the time got a tick. Nearly died. Listening to the vet we changed to Advantix. We've always used the product on our current Labby and not had any problems and he's 11. Well recommended.

Rest Easy with Advantix

28 October 2013
I find I can rest easy knowing that my dogs have Advantix on them. Once applied within 24hours I notice a huge difference with the amount of fleas on them. Depending on how bad our season is with fleas I can knock them down from only having a few on the dogs to not having any at all, as well as not having any ticks on them. We still check our animals everyday however since using advantix we haven't had to remove any ticks and had no fleas on them.

Excellent product

26 October 2013
We live in an area which doesn't have tics or fleas but we frequently visit the coast and also kennel our dogs over the border where there are fleas. This product has given us peace of mind knowing our dogs are fully protected when away from home.

Advantix Dogs

26 October 2013
Great product especially when living in a tick, sand flies, flea and other creepy crawlies area as long as there are no cats in the house hold....

Highly recommended

12 October 2013
Great service, fast shipping could not ask for more.


By: peter on 8 October 2013
great product at a fantastic price

Advantix xl dogs

27 September 2013
This product arrived the very next day! It is so convenient buying from the vet shed online rather than trying to get to your local vet and paying a higher price.


By: Toni on 31 October 2012
I have been using this product for years now and cannot fault it, no fleas and in summer even more protection against midges.. Love Love Love!

Excellent Product

By: Test on 31 July 2011

If you love your Dogs no mater their size, don't w

By: Philip on 30 June 2011
If you love your Dogs no mater their size, don't want to watch them die a horrible death,and you live in Australia then Advantix is a monthly must as it is proven to be the best all round protection for dogs.And if you live in the high tick region of Australia it is a good idea to apply every 2 weeks during summer, but never think anything exempts you from daily body checks for ticks. They may be small bugs but they all can kill, not just paralysis ticks but even the common brown tick can leave your dog anemic and this to can kill if left untreated. And if you think they don't like human blood as well you are very mistaken, so with Advantix you are not just protecting your dogs but your family as well. As a Dog lover and owner for over 30 years both here in Australia and in England It is a relief to know that companies like Bayer listen to their clients and do the research to provide constantly improving products, and web sites like THE VET SHED make it possible and affordable to take care of our beloved pets no matter where we live, what our income or how many dogs we may have. Thank you so much to all. Mrs. Mika Edwards.

This is the best price I have ever seen. I can aff

By: Haruko on 30 June 2011
This is the best price I have ever seen. I can afford to protect my dog from ticks. Thanks. Haruko

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