Canvac CCI (BB) Vaccine

Canvac BB immunises against Bordetella bronchisepta. This vaccine will protect against a component of kennel cough.

A 1ml dose of vaccine should be given by subcutaneous injection. Gentle massage at the injection site will help disperse the vaccine.

Two doses should be given at an interval of 4 weeks
1st Vaccine 12-14 weeks
2nd Vaccine 16-18 weeks
Adult Dogs: If never vaccinated for Bordatella brochisepta before then 2 doses should be given at an interval of 4 weeks. Annual booster vaccinations are recommended to maintain adequate immunity, and a booster is recommended before exposure to possible sources of infection, such as shows, boarding kennels or obedience classes, especially if more than six months have elapsed since the dose of vaccine was administered.

As you are vaccinating yourself, you WILL NOT be given a vaccination certificate.