GreeniesĀ® satisfy your dog's natural desire to chew. The consistency/ingredients have been shown to help reduce odors, control dental tartar (calculus), strengthen gums and diminish oral bacteria.

Some chew products contain other inert materials which are not digestible. All ingredients in GreeniesĀ® the original smart-treatĀ® are highly digestible and, except for the palatability enhancer, are used in human food products.

Lil' Bits: Suitable for dogs under 4.5kg or under 6 months of age.
Petite: Suitable for dogs 4.5 - 9kg.
Regular: Suitable for dogs 10 - 22kg.
Large: Suitable for dogs 23 - 45kg.
Jumbo: Suitable for dogs over 45kg.

Greenies Large 340gm
15% OFF RRP $25.99
Greenies Petite pack of 340gm
15% OFF RRP $25.99
Greenies Regular 340gm
15% OFF RRP $25.95
Greenies Teenies 340gm
15% OFF RRP $25.95

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