Toilet Training your Kitten

Author: Brittney   Date Posted:23 October 2018 

All you need to know about litter training your new kitten!

Unfortunatley kittens do not come into this world knowing how to use a litter box. Bringing your kitten home not only means playtime and relaxation but it also means teaching your kitten some valuable lessons; one being - litter training! Every kitten learns at different paces so it is important to be patient and encouraging when teaching your kitty where to releive themselves. 


1. Choose the right littler tray

Choosing the right litter tray is very important when first starting to litter train your new kitten. The tray needs to be big enough so your kitten can walk around a little and maybe even eventually grow into it. It also needs to be low enough that your kitten can get into it without any troubles. You can find our range of litter trays here.

2. Introduce the litter tray 

In the first 1-2 weeks of owning your kitten he/she should have a kitten proofed room that he/she spends most of their time in. This room will be full of things that make your kitten feel at home and have nothing dangerous that may harm your kitten in any way. This is where you will also introduce the litter box/tray. It is best to place the litter box in a corner of the room. If you notice your kitten likes to go somwehere else, you can move it accordingly. 

3. Start training

When introducing your kitten to the littler tray/box you want it to be a very calm and non busy environment. The best time to start to train your kitten to use the litter tray is after they have eaten or slept. To start put your kitten into the litter tray. Let him/her sniff around and get used to the feeling of being in the tray. It is cats natural instinct to bury their poo and wee. Your kitten may start digging which is a great sign! If not you can move one of your kittens forepaws in a digging motion just to give some encouragement.

Make sure to reward your kitten with pats and even treats that they love so they know that they are doing the right thing! Remember not to get angry or punish your kitten for accidents. 



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