Vetafarm Probiotic 90gm

establishes and maintains normal gut flora

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Probotic helps to establish and maintain normal gut flora and is especially helpful for diarrhoea, during and after antibiotic treatment and for young chicks.

  • Everyday use of Probotic helps maintain a balanceed digestive system, thus optimising digestion of feed and enhancing the animal’s health.
  • Soluble Probiotic for dogs, cats caged birds and poultry chicks
Indications for use: An aid during periods of intestinal dysfunction, including treatment and control of scouring and diarrhoea, exclusion and suppression of pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella and Aeromonas ssp. Post antibiotic therapy for the re-establishment of gut microflora following antibiotic use. 
Productivity improvements and reduced mortality in poultry and caged birds. Aids in the establishment of gastrointestinal microflora in eg: hand reared baby birds, day old chicks, puppies and kittens and other physiologically immature animals. Probotic may be used during periods of extreme stress eg: overcrowding, diarrhoea, temperature extremes, transportation, training and medication; and following surgery. Probotic is compatible with feed ingredients including anthelmintics, coccidiostats, minerals and vitamins.

Recommended for: Baby birds being reared on a formula not produced by Vetafarm, birds recovering from illness or birds that have recently been treated with antibiotics.

Also Suitable For: Any other small animal

Can be used with: Probotic can be given in water or mixed in food. Probotic should not be mixed with any other product when administered in water.

Key features: Re-establishes natural gut flora after infections, diarrhoea, stress and the use of antibiotics. Can be mixed in water, food or used with other brands of hand rearing products to enhance gut flora of babies. Strong natural gut flora will increase an animal’s resistance against infectious organisms in the digestive system and improve the ability to digest food.

Tip: Do not use Probotic while administering a course of antibiotics. However after a course of antibiotics, Probotic is ideal and will help restore healthy gut flora. 

Expiry: 1 year from date of manufacture.
Keep container tightly closed: If this product is refrigerated (less than 8 degrees) the expiry date may be extended by 12 months

Restraint: Probotic should not be used in conjunction with antibiotics but may be used immediately following antibiotics. 

Withholding Period: Nil 

Aviary birds 1g/L drinking water

Poultry 5g/L drinking water

Use at stress levels for the first 5 days then at maintenance dose level. During stress situations, the maintenance dose may be doubled for as long as required. Mix with water, milk or milk replacer, or with feed. Prepared solutions should be consumed within 24 hours.

Active Constituents: 180 Million CFU/g as Lactobacillus acidophilus; L. delbrueckii subspecies bulgaricus; L. plantarum; L. rhamnosus; Bifidobacterium bifidum; Enterococcus faecium; Streptococcus salivarius subspecies thermophil





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Vetafarm probotic

By: Rosalie Cooper on 7 March 2019
I use this everyday in my dog Jikis food, and have done since she was 12 months old, she is now 4, She had a lot of tummy problems and now has none and is very healthy, I also only feed her natural food.

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