How to get your horse to drink on a long trip

Date Posted:29 January 2020 

Travelling with horses can be a big job - you have to be responsible for your horses safety and wellbeing at all times. This can be very difficult if your horse does not want to drink when getting off the float on a rest stop. 

Horses can become very dehydrated during long trips due to things like;

  • Stress
  • No access to water
  • High temperatures inside the float/truck
  • Poor ventilation 

To ensure that your horse has a drink as soon as he/she gets off the float: 

  • Make sure your water bucket is clean. 
  • Ensure the temperature of the water is not too hot or too cold. 
  • If your horse will not drink add a sachet of Drink Up to your horses water. KER Drink up is a highly palatable blend that when added to water it encourages horses to drink water. It is scientifically formulated with a complex combination of ingredients that work together. This product has the results proving that 90% of horses will increase their willingness to drink with Drink up. 


"This product is fantastic when travelling. If your fussy horse won’t drink other water sources, or won’t drink enough whilst travelling, add KER Drink Up to a bucket of water and they will be guaranteed to drink." - Martine

" When im competing i use the drink up sachets to ensure that my horses are well hydrated at all times. It just gives me that peice of mind knowing that they are hydrated." - Brittney, The Vet Shed Team Member