What is 4 Cyte for dogs and how does it work?

Author: The Vet Shed  


There are so many dogs using 4 cyte and Vets recommending it - but what is 4cyte and how does it work..

4cyte is a supplement for dogs that needs to be given daily mixed in with food.   Dogs like the taste of it and it is such a small amount they need to have that there is no need to be concerned that your dog wont eat it.  4cyte is safe for long term usage.  

The ingrediants of 4cyte are different to other joint supplements on the market. It contains green lipped mussel, marine cartilage, abalone and Epiitalis.    

4cyte is currently the only joint supplement to contain Epiitalis which is a plant seed oil.   This plant seed oil is patented for its ability to repair cartilage and pain relieving properties.  Green lipped mussel, Abalone and Marine cartilage are all well known for their ability to improve joint health.  The 4 products combined together is what is giving such amazing results.  Studies have shown that the combination of these products together is more potent then when they are on their own. 

4cyte can be not only to help dogs with arthritis it can also be used as a preventive and protective measure so your dogs joints stay healthy.  This is important is high risk large and giant breed dogs known to commonly have joint issues as they get older.    For any dogs with joint damage from injury or surgery they will benefit from supplemenation with 4 cyte. 

For dogs that have symptoms such as stiffness, difficulty getting up and down, not wanting to jump, play or run then 4cyte will help to relieve their symptoms and give them a better quality of life.

The use of 4cyte in pregnant and nursing bitches has not been studied so it is currently not recommended for use during these times.  

As 4 cyte contains so many marine derived raw materials it is important to know how they are sourced.    They are all sourced from non endangered species and are harvested under a strict quota bases and are by products from harvested or certified aqua farming operations.   It is important to always understand where a product sources its Marine Cartilage from as tthis product can be sourced poorly to the detriment of the animal it has been taken from.   4cyte gets its marine cartilage form the fish back bone which is a by product of fish harvested for human consumption and it comes predominantly from Australia and New Zealand harvested under strict government guide lines.  4 cyte has very strict quality control. 

It is easy to see the small packet of 4cyte and think that it is not going to last long.  In fact it is the opposite.  A small 100gm bag will last a 11-20kg dog 120 days on the maintenance dose.    Thats 4 months.   It does this as the dosage is so small.     If you have a very large dog you can make some huge savings by purchasing the 4cyte horse granules.  These granules are the same as the ones for dogs except they are flavoured raspberry so the horse will eat them.  Horses dont like anything with a fish taste to it.  Dogs dont seem to mind the raspberry flavour.  You do however need a dog spoon as the horse 4cyte will come with a scoop for horses, you can not use this scoop for dogs or you will be giving them way too much.   We have spare scoops so if you are buying the 4cyte equine for horses to give to your dog then make sure you let us know so we can send you a little dog scoop with your order.   The dosage on the 4 cyte equine is the horse dosage rates, if purchasing this for dogs you need to follow the dog dosage rates as below.  

4cyte does need to be given at a higher dose for the first 4 weeks.  This is what is called a loading dose.  The loading dose gets the levels high in the body and they after 4 weeks you can go back to the maintenance dose which maintains the levels. 


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You can see in this picture how small the pellets are and the scoop.