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SkidStop Slow Feed Bowls

The Skidstop slow feeder bowls are brilliant at slowing down dogs at dinner time. They are forced to eat aroung the dividers.

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Lustre Aid 500ml 2 July 2015
Lustre Aid - Lustre Aid is a lovely smelling spray for your dog that doesn't leave any oily residue. It leaves the coat shiny and when sprayed before grooming helps to comb even the softest, easily knotted coat with ease. Make sure you don't get tricked into using a similarly named cheaper brand.
Black Dog Infin8 head Halters for our Dobermans - I dreaded walking the dogs they would pull very hard, I hurt my hand badly when one of the dogs took of in fright (he's a rescue) I put these halters on and one now walks perfectly beside me and she was a real puller and the other dog pulls slightly. I could easily walk them both together on my own now They don't like them much at the start but soon they walk overrides their apprehension of the halters. My husband put the normal martingale collars on and they are better with them now too. The muzzle part of the halter is designed to be slacked off as they learn not to pull then eventually you can go to a martingale which this halter has If I bought for my dobermans again I'd get a size 3 not 4 My friend has a golden retriever who also walks like a dream it was seeing her dog using one that sold me


George - Yarrambat VIC

I would like to comment on the service I received from you. I was thrilled to pieces with the prompt dispatch I received the item. The following day Friday and wanted to thank you very very much. I had marked it as urgent and it was as the horse was eating all wood around his corral. With his windsucking. The collar has fixed it all and I would not hesitate to recommend You to all at the pony club. I work in Customer Service and know how many complaints can be received so I wanted to Thank the team.

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