Product Reviews

4cyte - Incredible value and quick reliable service. My doggy says thankyou so much.
Great Product - Works great for my two cats
Nexgard - Our dogs love it, it's the only one they will eat. Works great never have fleas
4Cyte Canine Joint Support - This stuff really works and our dogs love it, they think they are getting a treat with dinner every night
Good quality dry food, large size though - Bought these for my dogs (one small, one medium size) as they have some dietary issues. The biscuits are on the large size but thankfully my smaller dog manages them.
Great foraging toy - Bought this for my Blue & Gold macaw and she loves it. Managed to figure it out quickly. Only downside is the sticker on the front that is put there from manufacture is hard to get off and leaves super sticky residue which I cant get off (tried isopropyl,eucalyptus etc) so it looks a bit ugly.
I would recommend Vetafarm Paradise Pellets - My Eclectus loves these, however I do also change between these and Roudybush Low Fat Maintenance Pellets, so that he does not tire of these. Worth buying great food to ensure great health :)
Avicare Concentrate 500ml 16 October 2017
Avicare Concentrate 500ml - Great for keeping your bird cages, toys, and items clean and bacteria free. I would recommend the concentrate, as it is easy to make up and put in a spray bottle. Works out better economically and gives peace of mind that you are looking after your beloved bird :) Helps to get off dried food and poop too! A must for Parrot parents as they are messy owning a blender without the lid, LOL!
My Eclectus LOVES Roudybush Low Fat Maintenance Pe - I would highly recommend these pellets. My Eclectus loves these and I change between these and Vetafarm Paradise Pellets to give my Bird the best possible diet along with loads of fresh fruit and vegies. They obviously taste great as he did not hesitate to gobble these down the moment he saw them. Very happy with The Vet Shed and these great pellets.
Advantix 25kg+ - Great product, excellent service & fantastic delivery time
Citronella scented fly mask - excellent
Avitrol Plus 25ml 14 October 2017
Postive Review - Bought Avitrol plus from Vet Shed. Item as described, but cap seal was partially broken. Also, the item was a bit slow in coming. I suppose the freight part is not quite Vet Shed's fault.
Nex guard spetra - I like this prduct as i dont have to buy 1 product to do fleas and ticks and another for heartworm and worms it all comes as 1 chew which my dogs love
Nexgard spectra - Absolutely love this product
Nexgard spectra - Love this product