Product Reviews

Fungafite Cream 27 March 2017
Good product - Very happy with this product help the rash my dog had on his belly,
Fungafite Cream 27 March 2017
Good product - Very happy with this product help the rash my dog had on his belly,
dog tag - My 2 poodles are very swish in their poodle ID tags. Lucy was the hit of the hospital when she went in for her recent operation. Have also sent the link to friends resulting in one Cavalier, one Frenchie and 2 Westies also improving their sartorial reputation!!
Hilary - Excellent product. My dog loves sitting in it as she can now see out the window. Very secure fitting to car seat and for dog restraint
Great Stuff - This stuff is great. It coats the hair so you can get the comb through. Makes it shiny too.
Chrome dog ID tag - Absolutely perfect thank you
Pink dog ID tag - Excellent, I'm very happy with it thank you
Very happy with this product - I put my old horse with arthritis on this and I have started seeing results after a week. Will continue to buy this product.
Great Product - Have been using this product for a while now. Found it to be a good shampoo, lathers up, not like some. Has a nice smell and most importantly helped my dog stop itching.
Itchy dog - Hi. We have been using this product as a treatment for fleas and ticks, we have lived in the Lake Macquarie area for the last 15 months. For the first 8 years of his life our dog, a male cross kelpie/labrador lived in Sydney. He was on comfotis there for fleas only and that worked fine. In the last 6 months or so our dog has developed a rash on his back. He has several itchy dry patches with hair falling out. In the time we have used this product, he has not had any fleas or ticks. We have been to the vet several times about the rash and we have given him antibiotics etc but the rash is still there. We are wondering whether there is something in your product that is causing his rash?
4Cyte Canine 100gm 25 March 2017
4cyte - Very happy ....only 2 weeks on and seen improvement in elbows after trying catrophen glucosamine fish oil and tumeric this has worked the best.
4 Cyte - 4 Cyte appears to be helping our dog with her joint related problems & quick service from The Vet Shed appreciated.
Good Value - Nice big glass bottle. My rats can't chew it but it is a touch heavy. For the price its perfect.
A-Grade - I'm really impressed. My baby rats absolutely love these pellets and they are high in nutrients :)
Great but flawed. - My two baby rats absolutely love this cage as their home but the cage was missing 2 of the purple rings for the tube. We just used some duct tape.