Product Reviews

Happy camper - Very happy with product service and quick supply
Happy camper - Very happy with product service and quick supply
Zanies Hard Rubber Space Station - My cattle dog loves this toy and it is really tough and lasts so much longer than other rubber toys.
Razor Horse Wormer 24 June 2017
Razor Horse Wormer - Being an Alpaca breeder, I use this for the crias (baby alpacas) when the Mum's are weaning them. They tend to develop "Tape Worm" due to the stress of weaning and respond brilliantly to Razor. I only use half the dose of other wormers and repeat in 21 days to ensure the breeding cycle is over.
Cosequin DS Capsules - My 13+ year old Blue Cattle dog has responded really well to these capsules which I started her on before winter set in. She's now instigating play with the other two younger dogs which is GREAT to see considering her age, so she's more active again and obviously happier .
Bio Bloom 3kg 23 June 2017
Bio Bloom - This is an excellent product. Our horses have always got gleaming coats, year round and their feet stay strong (our guys are barefoot). Not especially cheap but worth it for horses that look and feel great!
Good Harness system - These harnesses are good and even fit my adult cat who is very big. Easy enough to put on and to adjust.
Looks good but not so effective - The feeder is easy enough to install and looks better on the cage however it's not very easy for the birds to get more seed to drop down. We have to shake it a fair bit by hand to get more to drop and we only use small seed mix, I don't think it would be very useful for large seed mix. It's a bit worrying if we aren't home all day while at work and the birds can't access their seed.
Flee and worming treatment - Vet shed is a promt and reliable service
4 Cyte.... keeping my little girl going. - This medication is magic. My little girl struggled to get up 4 stairs at the back door she now bounces up them. Her quality of life is so much better. At 12 years old I am so happy that she is comfortable happy and still a big part in our 5 years old sons life.
Luv our Yup Marrow Bone Chews❣️ - Thank heavens for your great products and quick delivery. Toby seems to have outgrown the large Yup Marrow Bones and the X-Large arrived in the nick of time. My friends added to my second order, they were so impressed!
Epi Otic 500ml 22 June 2017
Epi Otic - REALLY fast shipping. Great communication and good price too. I'll definitely buy from The Vet Shed again.
Ilium Ear Drops 20ml 22 June 2017
Ilium ear drops - Great product. I use this almost daily with my dog's troublesome ears. Easy to apply and gives quick results. Also much less expensive than purchasing from an actual vet. If your pet has problems with their ears this is the product to use.
Avitrol on backyard chooks - After purchasing, from vetshed, quick to reply with number for questions I had . 10 Day withholding of eggs for human consumption. Easy to use ( pop into beak, 2person job on bantams) Excellent product.
cat wormer - Great product, cats don't worry about it