Product Reviews

Dogs happy - Good protection .
Black Hawk Grain Free Dry Food - Great ingredients and great dog loves it!
Acavallo Opera Stirrups 13 October 2019
Awesome! - Love these stirrups! So light and incredible!
Dog up to 40kg All Wormer - Great just broke it in 1/2 put it in cheeses ...all gone . Done for 3months .
Kidney diet - As my cat has kidney failure she must eat a special diet, but I’m having trouble getting her to eat this food.
Cosequin - I find this the best joint feed product on the market. The difference it makes in my old horses is amazing.
Best ear cleaner - This is the best ear cleaner I’ve ever used
Halter - Just fit my horse but the material isn’t ideal as it catches and strands are ripped out quite easily, it does the job but not the most ideal halter.
Poor sizing - Socks arrived at smallest size! Did not fit at all!!!
Good product, excellent service! - This is a well made product that my golden retriever finds much more comfortable than a traditional cone. Great for travelling. Fantastic service from The Vet Shed. You were efficient and so helpful when I needed some help to get my collar quickly. Thank you!
Really good probiotic powder - I’ve given this probiotic powder to horses that have been moved onto a new property, one whom had colic recently, with very good results! Now I’m using it on two half sibling golden retriever dogs who BOTH have ear issues. Ear scratching has reduced and both dogs ears look cleaner without me using anything topical! Very happy.
Zippy Burrow - Polar Bear - The item is so cute and I purchased it for my 2 dogs (1 bichon x miniature poodle and 1 miniature poodle) - both dogs loving games where they have to find hidden toys. Unfortunately the igloo holes were too small for even my dogs to enjoy, however they are loving the bears.
Great Product - Fantastic to deal with, great product and very fast delivery.
Hills Urinary CD STRESS DRY - Only dry food I can give my boy. Arrived in time before he ran out of his last couple of days worth
JW skidstop slow feeder bowl large 700ml - Great product for a gutsy eater dog. The dog would now taste his food rather than be the vacuum cleaner eater that he was.