Product Reviews

Nut Case Parrot Toy 20 August 2017
Nut Case - Rupert my rescue Galah loves the challenge of getting his raw peanuts out of his Nut Case. We call it a nut case for our nut case
Happy Hut Large 20 August 2017
Happy Hut - Rupert my rescue Galah adores his happy huts. It's fantastic that The Vet Shed allow you to choose your colour as Rupert loves grey to match his feathers
Good product. Good price. - The best ear cleaner I've ever used and a good price.
Ilium Ear Drops 20ml 19 August 2017
Great Product for Ear Infections and Thrush - My dog gets reoccurring ear infections and thrush each winter. This product is the only product that gives him relief. It's multifunctional and a great price. Highly recommend it.
Cosequin DS Capsules - These caps keep my nearly 14 year old Cattle dog bitch in good shape. She is arthritic but still keeps up with the younger dogs in a little bit of play time. The Vet is very happy with her condition considering her age.
Heat pad - Great product, previous one lasted 4 years. That's good considering it's on 24/7. Highly recommend it, my cats love it.
4Cyte Canine 100gm 19 August 2017
4Cyte Canine 100gm - Recommended by our vet for both of our dogs. It was very expensive to buy from the vet so I am please to have found it here for much less. So far the product appears to be easing the stiffness in my fur babies joints.
Great Product! - Excellent product! Delivery was so fast. I would most definitely purchase from the vet shed in the future. Highly recommended
Awesome - Great purchase, prompt delivery when going through Fastway Couriers and a freebie treat package throw in.
My dog loves these biscuits! - I have a dog who goes crazy for fish (but grains give her the worst flatulence!) these biscuits are great. They are made with plenty of fish (probably why they smell like fish - if they didn't I would wonder what was in them!) and other goodies and keep my dogs coat looking silky and smooth.
Happy hound 1200D dog coat 5cm - Happy with coat but would be good if one could be made to go over the head instead of doing up across the chest with velcro. Like a Whippet coat.
Dog tag - Very great service! Received my dog tag so quick and they even emailed me to have a free engraving before they sent me the product! Very happy with their quality and service!
Wire Muzzle Large 17 August 2017
Dog muzzle - It's is good product very strong but I should have measured first and .maybe got the xl
Plaque Off Dog 40gm 17 August 2017
Worth it - The active ingredient is ascophyllum nodosum - a type of brown seaweed. I've bought it before for my dog and have noticed she has less plaque . I've also read reviews from people online who've become frustrated with the product but I believe this stems from ignorance about how the product is supposed to work. I did research through my uni site database and found a number of studies on the ingredient in both humans and dogs/cats. Unlike dental foods which work by physically removing plaque, this product is a form of passive dental hygiene. It's meant to be used in combination with chews or brushing. Of course the gold standard is brushing, but I've found this really helps my dog with the areas I can't get at with my little finger brush. Basically, it works systemically by absorbing through the intestinal wall, into the blood stream, where the components of the digested algae are absorbed into the saliva. It has been proven to prevent accumulation of plaque by affecting the ability of plaque to stick to surfaces in the mouth. Existing tartar becomes porous, loosens by itself and can be more easily removed by brushing. One of the studies said that in dogs/cats whose owners do not actively brush it still helps; oral health deterioration is slowed by half.
Malaseb 1 ltr 17 August 2017
Malasei - Luv the product have used it for about 10 years