Preventic Tick Collar

The Preventic Tick Collar kills ticks (including paralysis ticks), for up to two months. The active ingrediant in the Preventic Tick collar is Amitraz, which, once the tick collar is worn, migrates over the whole body of the dog enabling the elimination of ticks; it is absorbed by the fatty layer. The powder is insoluble to water and has a very high affinity for skin and hair. The Preventic Tick Collar is neurotoxic to ticks and will kill those travelling on the skin. When the collar is first placed on the dog the adult ticks will be killed over the entire body of the dog within a few days. Remove any dead ticks remaining in the dogs coat. Remember to inspect your dog on a daily basis for ticks (especially in paralysis tick areas). Replace the collar after 2 months to ensure continued protection. Remove the collar immediately should any signs of skin irritation occur. Safe to use in conjuction with Frontline or Advantage.