Mars Coat King

Coat King Combs are most suitable for stripping undercoat and dead hair, and for unravelling and de-matting. These tools area available in various sizes to work with all different types of coat.

*Coarse and medium styles (6-12 blades), for preparation work and thinning out undercoat.
*Fine styles (16-20 blades), for grooming heavy coats. *Super fine styles (20-26 blades) for finishing and for thick shaggy coats (especially spaniels).

Use coarse styles to comb out the undercoat - fine styles for finishing work.

The coat king strips all areas fast, it works by quickly and easily removing loose hair, especially thick under-coats. The top-coat hair go straight through the teeth and the undercoat hair, being wavy, is caught in the teeth and removed.

The Coat King has a balanced Bubinga Redwood handle and together with the positioning of the blades allows for comfortable, easy and stress free use for the groomer. Place tool on the coat, then with light pressure and long strokes, comb out in direction of hair growth. Stripping can be done in half the time of other methods.

Grooming without pain! If your pet is happy to be brushed then they will accept the use of a Coat King. Unlike most other samll strippers, the removal of coat can be done without unnecessary discomfort to your pet. Easily used on cats, dogs, horses and other furry friends.