Shop our trusted range of horse boots. Prevent injury in your horse with our vet selected range. We stock professional fly boots for horses , ice boots, stable boots, betadine boots and hock boots in Australia. We only source quality designs and sturdy materials, so that you can find a boot that protects and lasts. Get the horse boot you need with Afterpay and 30 Day Returns. Chat to us online if you need advice!

Equi-prene Tendon and Ankle Boots Black
16% OFF RRP $69.95
Horse Master Fly Boots: Set of 4

Horse Master Fly Boots: Set of 4

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22% OFF RRP $49.95
Citronella Scented Fly Boots Medium Black
27% OFF RRP $44.95
Equi Guard Short Ice Boot (single boot) 17"
14% OFF RRP $64.95
Equi-prene Long Ice Boots Blue
14% OFF RRP $209.95
Equi-prene Short Ice Boots Pony Size
13% OFF RRP $169.95
Fetlock Ring (Sausage boot)

Fetlock Ring (Sausage boot)

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8% OFF RRP $17.95
Professionals Choice Fly Boots Set of 4
17% OFF RRP $119.95
Professionals Choice Knee Boots
13% OFF RRP $179.95